What parts of your life do you control?

You control how/what you think. You control your emotions. You control your reactions in life.
What I wear!
How I raise my kids, what I do all day long, how clean my house is, how happy I am.
You and I control everything in our lives for example we want to live a long life what should be done to accomplish this? be healthy, exercise, eat well basically take care of ourselves in every form physical and mental also avoid bad in life so no freak accidents or shotting and whatever wont happen this is just an example think about every part of life and see who controls what you control it all
You control how you respond to everything that happens in your life. Therefore, I believe that you control about 99% of everything that you experience. We tend to think that most things are out of our hands but that is a very passive way to live your life.
You make the decisions you have to make, whatever it results in knowing that you will live with the results for a long time to come. A person chooses different parts of their life to be either the reporter of their story, a follower of others, or it's author. Only you can make your unique choices in all things. Have good sound, moral reasons for doing so and never fear being "wrong!" And always ask yourself the eternal question, "compared to what?"
almost everything: what i wear, how i do my hair and what it looks like, what i do, when i choose to do things, and other things stuff like that

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