Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal. PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE>?

1. How different are the American soldiers involved in the abu ghraib abuse from ordinary Americans? How likely would you or your neighbor be, under the same circumstances the soldiers faced, to commit similar acts?

2.Do you regard these soldiers as president bush did, as a disgraceful few who dishonored our country and disregarded our values?

3.To what extent do you see them as more representative of ordinary Americans?

They were working in an institutional setting and responded to a different moral code to the one, that you and I would live with in the wider world. worryingly like any prison guard, they beleieved they were just following orders, that it was OK. !
Look at any major institution, hospital, prison, army camp and you can see similar features. Where were their senior officers and independent visitors to check on the conditions in the jail? This happens when we lose our humanity and treat peoplemore as objects and less as brothers or sisters.
I like the sexy-time part where Abu Ghraib stripped in front of everyone
1. If I or my neighbors were placed in that environment as immature youngsters who were untrained and unsupervised, then, yes, some of us may have resorted to that type of behavior. But, that doesn't make it right. They were assigned a difficult task, and failed miserably.

2 . Yes

3. None

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