Do we generally have the same tastes as our parents or grandparents,in hobbies..?

is it genetic or do their interests become ours because we see them doing these things?

I believe it is genetic, that it runs in the family. My great, great grandfather on my mother's side was a farmer and went into playing the sax. My mother's father was a carpenter and handy man. My grandmothers on my mother's side love to make their own cakes, pies and even their own decorations. On my father's side, he has a brother who is a pro-barber, 2 sons (my step-brothers) are pro-mechanics and build cars, also do plumbing and electrical repairs. So I make my own cakes and pies, do plumbing, electrical, wood work, mechanincs and decorating. I also hand make things for the home. My son has his own woodworking shop and makes kitchen cabinets, vanities, and furniture. He also plays and makes electric guitars. My daughter makes her own baked goods and does her own home decorating. So, yes it runs in the family. Oh by the way, all were also farmers and I have done farming.
I think it is more of the latter.
urgh no my mum and gran were book worms i never read any thing more than the odd mag. i love sewing yet my gran could not even sew a button on lol. i love cooking too but my mum and gran were the worse cooks ever on the planet.
I started playing drums years ago. My Dad always told me not to bother, to learn the guitar insted. Initially I thought he was just worried about the noise. Iv been playing for a couple of years now, I dont know how good I am, maybe im crap, maybe im alright, but i play in a band and we get gigs and that so cant be that bad. I found out a little while ago that when my Dad was my age (maybe a little younger) he tried to take up drums because he always had a passon for all things percussion. Turns out he was crap! Gave up and took up guitar insted. I think he didnt want me to take up the instrument, develop the great love he did for it only to find a few month down the line Id be totally rubbish at playing it.

What struck me though was I found the instrument while I was living away. Id been living in more or less total isolation for the best part of 4 month and decided to pick up the drums. I was instantly hooked. It became a big part of me (having nowt else to do and that) My Dad never mentioned how much he loved percussion. It wasnt until I found some battered 30 year old bongo's in the loft I found out.
i'm a sri lankan born in the uk. i'm quite westernised in my way of life and i'm fairly certain i have nothing in common with my parents or generations before me.
i am also a singer...bin doing so since i was a child and i heard a few years ago that i have a few members of my family including my grandmother and ancestors before me that were also it made me think that although i am westernised i cannot deny my genetics and certainly would never give up my voice.
Well, both my parents love the sea and going on seaside holidays. I can't stand the sea. It turns out that my dad and his family are all from up in the mountains. I hava a great love and admiration for mountains. I would love to live on the top of the mountain. I think things like this are to do with genetics and sometimes genes can skip a whole generation down to the one below. I certainly didn't learn loving the mountains from my parents and where I grew up there were no mountains.
I draw pretty good and latter I found out that my uncle from my mom's side was really good in drawing.
Sometimes it is just hard to be explained how it could be like that but it happens.

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