Dreaming in colour, is it possible that we are?

Our dreams are made from different thoughts, scattered according to our curiosity, wants and fears. Could we be dreaming physically in colour, our does our minds lead us to believe we are?

Interesting question. I'm giving you a star. I never really thought about that before. I thought everyone dreamed in color just because that's the way it is. I see color when I dream - so it's a confusing concept to believe my mind is just tricking me when vivid color is actually attached to the deep meaning of my dream. ( I don't know if I'm making sense. )
I have heard two different things on this topic. One is those who dream in color are of a higher intelligence. Not sure where that come from so take it with a grain of salt. The other thing I heard is that everybody dreams in black and white, we just add color to the memory. This is my way of answering. Hope it helps.
I dream in colour. In fact, certain parts of some of my dreams are about the colours I'm seeing, therefore it's easy for me to remember. In one dream I picked up a fish and it turned to brightly coloured mush that looked like Tempura paint in red, blue and yellow and ran through my fingers.
it depends.. there area different types of dreams states that you can enter. Some dreams are random and meaningless, and some aren't. As for dreaming in color, thats because we see in color.

In Lucid dreams for example, you are in total control.
Anything and Everything is possible when in that dream state, thus eliminating the idea that all dreams are made up of random subconscious thoughts. Dreams are a phenomena that we will never full understand.

ill leave a link about dreams in general and lucid dreams in case your as interested as i am.
idk. i dream in color. but i've heard some dream in black and white. don't really know which is which.

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