100 million dollars or your memories? What is your choice?

You have been offered 100 million dollars, but the catch is that your memory of a person you have met in life will erase forever. The person can be a simple as an aquatance, or as close as a parent. Would you take the risk and why?

Never, I think that pretty much every person I've met has in some way made some kind of impact on my life be it big or small which has helped to mold me into who and what I am today. I've learned from each person I've come across. I believe that God brings people into our lives for a reason even if its for moment, it's for a reason whether it be for me or for them but I will learn something from it. So for all my wonderful and horrible memories I am who I am and wouldn't change it. Thanks for the mind provoking thought though!
defiantly the money. as a matter of fact i might pay someone else 100 million dollars to take my memories
100 million dollars could buy plenty of new memories
If I could choose who then I would take the money, no questions asked.
Stop teasing me!
No Money the memories, because I can go out spend 100 million and then its gone, I have the memory of that person forever, no one owns it except me
Good question
Take the memories, all of them for $10000. Simply because I would rather have a clean plate and conscience. Call me a reality escaper but fact of the matter is I did not make the best choices plus it would be great to experience everthing over again, so much more entertaining. Reading a good book without knowing the ending, definetly worth it.
I would not take the money because with my luck if was to choose the money i would probably loose the memory of someone special.Money is greed and it is temporary..memories are forever and precious.
Why the hell would it matter if you completely forgot someone who didn't matter? Imagine how many people you've already met and forgotten.. it's a dumb question.

I'd take the 100 million to forget someone I have been close too
I would take the memory. Money isn't the answer to anything, and sometimes it hurts more than it helps (you all know examples).
If I could choose the person that I want to delete from my memory, then yes, I'll take the money! But if I can't choose, then I'll keep my memories as some of them are priceless!
my memories. ill bust my a s s and work hard to get the money.
I'll keep my memories, thank you very much.
depends who it is, its a hard, good question, i think i'd take the money, memories are nice and all, but thats all they are, and plus, you could rebuild a relationship with that person

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