Why do some fat women insults skinny women?

Im naturally skinny. I eat alot but I wont put on weight. I used to hate my body so much when I was young but now I can honestly say I love it coz Im starting to appreciate and love myself. Most of my gfs are fat and Im respectful of that and it has never been an issue. I think fat women can be attractive, its all about how women in general carry themselves, fat or skinny. However, I dont think they are respectful of me. Sometimes they (intentionally or unintentionally Im not sure) say mean things to me or make insulting remarks on skinny gals in front of me. They called me aneroxic (though Im always the one eating like a horse and they are on a diet when we go out) and say things like oh you have no curves. Sometimes in front of me, they ll go like, skinny gals have no boobs and butt (pardon me, but ours might not be big but they r pretty and perky). They seem so insensitive that I wonder what is their problem. Ive never ***** abt fat ppl in front of them, i dont understand.

If i were you, next time they make a remark about that you dont have any curves just shoot back at them with remarks like" I know but i eat all the time so I can look like you but I cant seem to gain the weight like you guys!" Or"Gosh, you guys get so many more looks than I do with those curves! I wish i could be as big as you!" And then just act serious and dont let it bother you! They are seriously jealous of you. Every time they make a coment about you turn it around to your advantage! If you are out with them and guys keep coming up to you wanting to dance and not them ask the girls why they arnt dancing? or when your eating and they arnt pigging out like you then ask them what was wrong with their food ? if they say that they are dieting say" That must really suck cause this food is GREAT !" Eventually they will shut up!
They are saying these things because they are jealous of you, or, more likely, because they have low self-esteem, and the way that they will feel better about themselves is by making you seem less than they are. Slim women do the same thing to fat women, in reverse. But fat women get the negative messages from the media, too. And that's very hurtful (I'm a fattie). It's good if you can just stay out of this hurting and counter-hurting other's feelings in the pursuit of self-esteem. Cutting down others will not make a person feel better about themselves, but it sure seems like a common coping mechanism. (Same thing with the false sympathetic gossipping about other's problems in life)

I'm not sure you have the emotionally healthiest friends, honestly. this is a good life lesson for you. Oh, and no, I doubt your friends think you are ugly. I'm fat, and I think looking slim is better, and it's better for your health, too!
Why do some skinny women insult fat women, because they are insecure, and it makes them feel better about themselves
If I were you, blessed with perpetual slenderness (and probably good health to go along with it), I would accept each and every snide comment as a lavish compliment.

Take it from someone who has struggled with her weight her whole life, your situation is FAR more desirable than the situations of those who are offending you.

Wouldn't you rather be slender and made fun of than fat and made fun of? It goes both ways, but you are the clear winner.

Also, I'm guessing that you're rather young. After a couple of decades and a couple of kids, you'll probably become one of the millions and millions of women that would give their hair and teeth to trade lives with you right now.

So in summary: Don't sweat it. I'm sure you're far more fit and attractive than the women who pick on you.
I do completely agree to the fact that if at all people make comments they need to be a lil sensitive. Any insensitive judgement can truly be heart wrecking so it must be avoided at all cost. I think a lot of skinny girls are damn attractive too so this biased remark is totally baseless. Just as you are sweet enough they should be nice to you as well. I feel that you are doing the right thing of not retaliating coz the fact that you take their brunts with a smiling face will someday for sure make them re-think on their words and actions and pretty soon they will mind their ways too. So stay the way you are without losing your sleep over what remarks come your way coz all that matters at the end of the day is how you feel about yourself. If you are happy with the way you look, then just chill and be cool.
I think fat women are jealous and feel threatened by skinny women. It does get old hearing how we're too skinny and all having eating disorders. the majority of women are skinny and if the fat women have to dis us for it, it just tells me they are looking for a way to feel better about themselves. They should except that their fat or loose the weight. Most skinny women don't care how fat they are as long as they take care of themselves. But if they aren't comfortable with themselves they should change it.
Perhaps because they can claim to be the ending of all things.
After all, 'It ain't over until the fat lady sings.'
Because inside every fat woman is a skinny woman screaming to get out. And they are jealous..Just ignore them its just jealousy
It is not a good behaviour your friends are showing ,but the main reason why such tendency inculcates amongst people may include:
- They are really ashamed of their present physical status and try to avoid being targeted about this;
- They think that if they start talking about the other people they will get escaped;
- They are jealous of your physical body and trying to hide their jealousy;
- Actually they want to be like you but can not accept it in open.
Therefore, please help them in getting their physical body in shape.
Some people are just jealous...
fat people make fun of skinny people because they're jealous.
Fat women catch a lot of grief and unfortunately some of them may vent where they can. I'm a big beautiful woman, but carry myself well and I don't pick on anyone that can't avoid their affliction - skinny, fat, cross-eyed whatever.
When I do hear a bully I pity them - as they must have something going on with their own selves that they want to throw negative attention on you. So when someone is abundantly cruel, I generally apologize to them - if it's a man for example: for the rough life he went through with his drunken stepdad raping him and any other hardship he may have gone through to make him act so ugly.
lol what I don't get is why you care at all - it's the way you were born so be proud of it! It's not like you could be fatter and refuse it so how could you even be anorexic? Unless you're seriously underweight (that might be worth asking a doctor about) take their comments lightheartedly simply as resentment for you not looking like them..
I agree! How many times do you hear a "Skinny" girl or person say "Man you are FAT!?"... You should eat LESS?...You DON"T because we are who we are and NOT ashamed unlike...? You go 'Skinny Bone Jones'!
sounds like jelousy and insecurity to me.. think about it.. you eat like a horse and you dont pile on kilos whilst them on the other hand, are on diets etc,trying to lost wieght. They are insecure about their body image and therefore trying to bring people down to heighten their self esteem. Dont take their critisisim seriously. Stay possitive and as you say you love your body and appreciate it.. so be proud of it and keep your head up high!
I know why , most of the time they act this way because of jealousy...deep inside they would love to be skinny and be able to eat like you. Also they might do it because there is a group of them that are overweight, so it makes them feel better to make fun of thin people when they are together...If all your friends were thin and you only had one fat friend , I guarantee she would never say a word about skinny people.

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