What's the difference between a sadist and psychopath and which is worse?

a sadist enjoys causing others pain. a psychopath has no conscience. while sadists tend to victimize others in various ways they are not necessarily psychopaths. Interstingly enough the place ( other than jail) that you will find more psychopaths is a political office where conscience is not an asset.furthermore a sadist will keep their victim alive for further torture, while a psychopath will kill without compunction.
A sadist enjoys seeing people hurt,and also enjoys handing out pain.A psychopath is a very sick human being who will hurt any one at any time with no regards to what they are doing.this is only my opinion but i believe that psychopaths are the worst.any way you look at it each needs help
A sadist is a person who enjoys seeing somebody else suffering and causing other people pain. He is a very cruel person. A psychopath is a person who has some affection problems, who has behavior issues and who manifests character disorders. They are both bad, evil and negative, but I suppose the psychopath is the worst...
I believe a psychopath is worse as they are not mentally aware of what/why they are inflicting harm against others
I think the two are pretty much equivalent|


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