Learn to accept defeat...?

Usually when I win or do good in something, I feel great. When I accomplish a goal, I feel good. When I am losing, then I feel bad, but I'm not a sore loser. Do I have to learn to accept defeat? Do you have to learn to be dominated to be more secure? In other words, do you have to learn to accept defeat, so you can start over and try again?

Can someone help me with this? Thanks.

So, somebody was better than you were that day. Heal quick!
Like wolverine.
Learn to get over set backs quickly, like in under a day, dwelling on defeat is not moving forward, however, using what you learned from the other guys win is moving forward.
You really haven't lost until you've been beaten twice the exact same way.
yes you must learn to accept defeat. dont feel that bad, because sports games and stuff aren't a life vs. death situation. i cannot stand losing b/c i get embarrassed and just wanna cry. lol. i get embarassed easily, though so thats just my problem. anyway, just remember not to get too fed up with losing, b/c EVERYONE does it...and if you are in sports you should be okay because we all lose sometimes. sometimes we just have our bad days where our bodies dont feel up to the challenge we're giving them, so they aren't ready to win, but we can do it next time.
By learning to accept defeat, you fine-tune your sense of self; who you are as a unique individual, and where and how you fit in the world around you. With each win or defeat in the game of life (and sport), you become more secure in your personal assets and liabilities, and ultimately to your sense of self (and round and round it goes). It's called living life to the fullest. If you always won, you'd only learn about half of who you really are as a whole person. Starting over and trying again takes a lifetime.

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