2: What is the most cherishing feeling you've ever had?

Happiness, well yea. But look beyond that..what other positive feeelings are there besides happiness.

Mind to share your experience. marriage?

.Have you ever felt a certain emotion, that no words in the dictionary can describe.?

Sup baby,
I don't know. You on Y/A. I like coming here and you answering my questions.
Mine was when I got my first girlfriend. It was at a dance, she asked me out. I was desperate and quite sad. The dance ended. I walked home. I took a longer way. It was night, the town was sleeping. I had a feeling of spreading of wings and flying away. With a bluebird by my side.
The feeling of when I'm satisfied in my 'soul.' It's not really happiness. I guess I haven't felt that since I was like 5 though. It's kind of blissful.
The manic episodes in Bipolar disorder are pretty awesome.

The closest words would be

Complete Euphoria

Also other things are making music, listening to beautiful music, running at night, running through the woods at night, stealing, spying on people, and fireworks/rockets/bombs/explos...
It sounds really corny, but the day i got married. I was so happy and there was so much anticipation, and when I came down the aisle...all of those feelings went away..it was awesome!
Mine was about an hour ago, when I helped put my 6 month old grandson to bed, and he reached up with both hands, grabbed my hair and kissed my cheek...a big open mouth baby kiss...makes you feel wonderful!
I had an experience where one night while lying in bed, I threw the covers off myself . I acted like I was asleep, my husband looked over at me and covered me back up. It is those "little things" like that that I cherish the most. It brings the true feelings of love that are hard to put into words.
A lifetime of a my parents unconditional love...

My childs unconditional love in return.

Complete satisfaction.

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