Is there any way to stop having the same dream/nightmare?

You can to a certain extent alter what you dream about by simply not thinking about the dream/nightmare, and instead thinking about something else very intensily right before going to sleep. Also dreams can be affected by things that are going around you while you sleep. For example if you are listening to a song while you are dreaming, it can find it's way into your dream. Try varying what is going on around you when you go to sleep. If you sleep with a television on, try turning it off. If you sleep with the radio on one station, try a diffrent one.

Dreams are generally a combination of 3 factors...

Wants and fears
outside stimuli
what has been on your mind recently
Im not sure. But you could try counciling or something else. I have the same dreams sometimes, but they seem to run in a loop. For example, i have a particular dream once a month, and another i have once every 6 months. I am not making this up. Its really freaky coz its the exact amount of day inbetween each recuring dream. But i have weird dreams inbetween as well. Always a mixture of different stuff.

For example, last night. my dream started off with doctor who and some creature sucked him dry and all that was left was his skin (it was one of the old doctors, the one with the long scarf, i forget his name). Then i was running away from some people in a weird building who were trying to catch me and shoot me with tranquilisers to stop me, but i had some guy on the phone helping me escape, and giving me access to stuff. It didnt finish. But did you know that dreams in real life only last for about 9-12 seconds?

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