Is it societys fault if you finish up a bitter and angry person because of all the hardships and trauma?

endured in your life? is it peoples fault you are what youve become?
to go through so much pain in your life thats its filled you with so much rage.
is it peoples fault? how do you not feel bitter and enraged at the way societys treated you?
im talkin about any long standing, perstistant, prolongued mental/psychological trauma in your life,.

should you feel angry and enraged at people who have easy lives, who are smiling and grinning?
how would you not feel, jealous, bitter, enraged, resentfull angry at somebody else because of this?

I do not think you can blame other people, you need to make what you can of your life and the cards you are dealt. There are people that have nothing, or disabilities that make something positive of their life. The bottom line is there is nothing you can do about external forces in life, and you only live one time, so you might as well be positive, deal with it, and move on. Always try to think of the things you do have that are good, think positive. Attitude is everything.

I find if you are positive, and give what you can to others, it will all roll back around in the end.

This is what I have found to be true in my life, and I believe in it.

If you feel bad inside, it reflects in your personality and will push others away from you.
Yes it is true that external forces help make the person but it also has to do with how well we cope with them and how we cope with them. We make ourselves into who we are. We cannot do anything to alter another person, it is their interpretation of what is done that influences their psyche.
You can't blame other people for the way that you feel. It's no ones fault. Everyone has some trauma in their lives - some just hide it better than others. If you're feeling this way and you haven't been able to find it within yourself to feel better, see a counselor. They will give you some pointers on moving past these negative feelings and hating the world.
You can't choose your circumstances, but you can control how you react to them. Your attitude you have towards the hardships affect your future attitude toward life. Why get angry at the people who choose to grin because they have easy lives(if there is such a thing, lol!), since it's not their fault.
P.s. you talk about "Jesus" answers as if they're not real answers... the Bible is full of real answers- maybe you should try it.
Life is what people make about it. People become who they want to become. Those sentences may sound like a load of philosophical bull sh*t, but I've met people who had relatively good lives but were angry at the world and others who had terrible lives but could smile while scrubbing toilets for a living. So maybe those people who are smiling and grinning went through plenty of nasty things in their lives, they just take a different approach to dealing with it.
Absolutely, society does shape a persons moods and worth but putting yourself in the line of fire and not moving out of range when you need to is all your own doing.
Yes, It is societies fault! But its the OLD SOCIETIES fault! Coupled by the favoring powers that be. But that can actually be a thing of the past if you want it too. That society listens to there own hippocracy as well as the dictatorship of organized religion. The chrtistianites use a roman calender? Priests(?) molest and confess? Screw em! Our generation accepts the word pregnant as well as tattoos!! ZThat is the start of something! I love old poeple for what good they did and stories, but lets face it, they led themselves and us into crappy waters at a last supper filleed with poopie covered plates! They ARE blind and dying in todays NEW/GROWING world. Its time to silently make a difference and apply a positive mental charge to things! I cant hate people. But I know what the difference is between making good and making a mess. Voting dont help though. If the world floods you can find me floating on the already bloated backs of the......( I wont have a part in deceasing them, though!)
A person has a lot of control with how he wants his life to be. He can be dejected and angry about his hardships and trauma or just make a joke about it and move on with his life.

There's always a choice.
It is not society's fault.
Everybody has a certain amount of hardship & trauma, some more than others, but whatever, it is up to the person concerned to deal with it.
If, for instance a woman is constantly beaten by a husband, she cannot use that as an excuse, she should leave the b*******, and get on with her life.
There is usually a way out of trauma caused by others.

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