Would you rather be blind, deaf or mute and what would be the worst?

I would be blind and deaf and mute... Blind because I don't want to see this cruel world, deaf so I cant hear what people are talking, and mute because I don't want to hurt someone with my words... which I usually do.
i dont really know. i think ill go with mute.
I would be mute, because i could still listen to music and see, but i could still communicate by sign language!
hi there you know I always ask myself and friends the same

question and we all came out with one answer

the worst would be blind cause we are so use to seeing

rather be mute cause at less i can write how I feel .

and the less would be deaf cause I would be able to see but

in a peaceful silent way.

be well be safe
Mute - definitely. I could still perceive the world the same, and to communicate, there's sign language, or I could write everything down on a little notebook. It'd be annoying, but the other two you mentioned are much more life-altering.
omg-mute 100%

i could communicate in other ways
but not seeing or hearing anything
is my worst nightmare in life
and i really have a lot of sympathy with those
who are born that way or are injured and become blind or deaf
as a result of their injury
without your senses life would be hard
and if you are ever stumped when it comes to counting your
blessings -sight and hearing are 2top blessings you have already,be thankfully grateful everyday of your life for that!
anything else is a extra bonus
I rather be mute. If I'm mute, I can learn sign language but I could still hear. But if I'm deaf, it's the same as being mute and even though I can still talk, I won't be able to hear myself or others so what's the point? Being blind is the worst, you can see the world and you will forever dwell in darkness.
Mute. There are other ways to communicate, but I'd be lost without the other senses. I think being deaf would be worst, because I can't imagine life without music.
idk hard answer.
mute is fine if i had to choose..the worst is blind..
I wouldn't like to be afflicted with any disability, but out of the 3 mentioned, I think I'd miss the gift of vision the most.
I'd rather be deaf than blind or mute. The worst would be blind. Nowadays deafness is not much of a problem, there's hearing aid for you.
I would think being deaf and mute would be the worst because you are not able to express yourself. Through sign language you are able to talk. But the worst would be misunderstood by those who don't understand you. Being blind however is a challenge. Believe me I know. I have a special key board that allows me to use the computer. I hope my typing is good. I just lost my sight 3 weeks ago and still trying to adjust to permanent darkness. I have a loving supported family ,my husband David also blind from a jet accident. Our babies and 2 on the way, our Navy family and my dad. So I think deaf and mute would hurt the most.
I'd say mute. I definitely would not want to be blind b/c my vision is VERY important. I like to be able to see and experience my environment. I wouldn't want to be deaf b/c I'd have a hard time learning to read lips and/or sign language at this point. Mute seems the best. I don't REALLY need to talk that much anyway...I can always just write or type =cP
Mute.I really enjoy music and nature, so sight and sound are really appreciated. I'm not much of an oral communicator anyways, so being quiet is not a problem for me.
I would rather not be any of them. What a stupid question.

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