Please Help ! please give me some advice?

How to deal with insecure problem? i have issue problem...i've been with a guy for 3 yrs but most of the time im feeling insecure, means accusing him of having other one... i have talked to him about this problem but all he said was just my bad thinking and saying that im crazy... now i have to decide whether to stay with him or leave him. what should i do? if stay with him im afraid that i might hurt our relationship for not trusting him and he might just go and find someone else.. if i leave him im afraid of i willl not find another guy that will love me for real.. do you think that i should leave him and let him find someone else and be happy so that he dont have to be involved in this issue? Please help me and give me some serious advice... i'm so confused...

Only you can decide this. Go with your gut feeling. As far as the insecurity in your life, maybe see some professional help.
You need to get some help and find out why you have this problem then sort yourself out. That's the only way this or any other relationship you embark on will last.
Has he actually cheated on you? Are your insecurities justified? Do have any proof?

His response certainly wasn't supportive, if he wasn't messing around or at least thinking about, he would have assured you there isn't anyone else instead of saying you're crazy, which is a horrible thing to say.

I don't think you're insecure, I think you're normal. If you don't feel secure enough in this relationship and he's not willing to hep, then it's time to move on.

There will always be other guys, in a world of over 6 billion people, you really don't have anything to worry about ;)
You asked "How to deal with insecure problem?", implying that you accepts/realises that you have a problem.

So, the first thing to do is to seek help to resolve it.

Suggest that you go for psychotherapy to find out what is the problem. You may need couple counselling too. Bring your boyfriend along for support. He would also learn how to be more sensitive to (and respectful of) your feelings instead of calling you "crazy".

You have been together for 3 years & care for each other. It would be a shame to give up on this relationship without trying to salvage.

Go each on your own way if situation won't improve after professional help. Continue with professional help if necessary (after the breakup) so that you could enjoy a healthy, new, relationship later.
Do nothing. If he goes then he goes and you will be no no worse shape than you would be if you dumped him. You need to take ownership of your problem. You are insecure and it is having a negative affect on your life. Most of the time this stems from low self esteem. For reasons that you must discover you must find out why you have this low opinion of your self. As is true in most cases there is likely to be only one root cause, but this is a 'rule of thumb', it is possible to have more. In every case there is one that is most significant. and you need to find out what that is and come to terms with it. This is important or you will quite likely spend the rest of your life being a victim of your own choosing. Sorry to be so blunt, but it is true.

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