What phobia or phobias have you got?

Mine is every creepy crawly going, But i love all things fluffy and cute!

The Daleks from Dr Who
a phobia of asda
"its those voices again"
Spiders. I dont mind any other bug
I have a phobia of public speaking and being with large groups of people, I'm okay walking with crowds of people but feel unease when I go to a party for example.
Altitude or height
moths, wasps, cockroaches - anything creepy crawley! I also have a phobia about being physically sick! - bizzare that one!
I have Medorthophobia
Any spiders, bugs or creepy looking things and being on the edge of something like a cliff.
I'M TERRIFIED OF ALLIGATORS!!! i have nightmares about them often. so i looked up dream dictionary and it said that i have an unsolved problem?? weird huh?
well I am also scared of lakes and oceans... if i can't see the ground i refuse to go in the water!
i get panicky when planes pass overhead or when i walk under something like a crane. mainly planes going over head tho. i have a real fear of a plane crashing into me and have no idea why.
Heights, i once fell down the cooling bank at steelworks and was bashed up pretty bad !, now i get really scared if go i higher than 6ft or so !!.
fear of wallnuts
Crawling things, I do hate them, but spiders... I don't. I think they are fascinating, especially tarantulas they are beautiful creatures BUT i am Arachnophobic. They just move in a way, they actually seem very intelligent and meticulous... as if they are planning something. I am not paranoid, I know they are not but...I AM REALLY SCARED I DO FREEZE.

Heights suck
I have a fear of phobias!
No idea if it's a phobia but i refuse to wipe with coloured toilet paper!
I am absolutely horrified of shoelaces.

I deserve a best answer, because I'm so right!@
Petrified of narrow spaces, cannot go underground and i have to dose myself with tabs before getting on a plane. I am also agoraphobic and won't walk into stores or anywhere for that matter alone.
i have a phobia about answering questions, this is my way of overcoming my fears
i am dreadfully afraid of fog! it's terrible, really bothers me, but I am working on it. I am also claustrophobic a bit, nothing serious, but I get afraid when somebody locks me up.... a feeling that I cannot leave whenever I want to is something I am not very good at dealing with!
i'm so sorry if i offend anyone at all but this is my true phobia & i really cant help it.i'm petrified of ppl with dwarfism,i cant help feeling like it,i've been scared of them as long as i can remember.i'm not a racist or a shallow person but i get really freaked out if i see a person with this condition in the street & i have to turn around or cross the road.

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