How do events from your past influence your choices today?

I tend to look at the past events in my life as learning experiences so that I can avoid the same thing from happening again - and usually delve right in to a situation. But I've seen where others become afraid and are unwilling to risk again because of the fear that if will happen the same way again.

Yes, I can understand where that fear is coming from. I also see the importance of holding on to your past in a sense.
So this is what I do:
I silently acknowledge my past and everything that happened in it. And I ONLY assoicate my past and my memories with neutral or sensory experiences.
I never allow my past to become attached with any emotions. Because letting your past become an emotional experience means that you are too engaged or haven't gotten over it/ still haven't learned from your mistakes.
So, the best thing to really do is to acknowledge your past, and the lessons that lie within, but to watch from a careful distance, so as to not allow it to own your life.
I guess my point is that the past should remain in the past, but the lesson should come through with you.

I think you have a really great approach to life as you can take your past as a learning experience, while still remaining relatively disenaged so as to not let it become overbearing! I believe it is a great approach to life, and one that more people should take on b/c there is a lesson in every mistake, and ensuring that we don't make the same mistakes is so very important, but so is continuing our journey in the present! =)
The best way to predict the future is to look at the past!
ys becuase you learn from your mistakes and what you learned you put into what you do today also you want to make sure that u dont make the same mistake again
I constantly have that fear in my current relationship, but I believe individuals need to push themselves into taking chances. That is what makes life exciting...the unknown.
I haven't swam for three years, I don't think it's cuz i'm afraid it's just that it brings back memories of a bad part of my life
Well, for example, I drank too much prune juice this past morning, and now it's influencing my bowels..
I was afraid of relationships because all my past ones were very bad choices always picking the wrong men. Now over many years I have made lots of changes in myself with the hope that I will make better choices in the future.
Unfortunately some people do not have the heightened level of self awareness and insight you seem to have. If we can not recognise our feelings and where we "fit" in any experience it may be difficult to conciously change what we do, say or how we react. However, the experience still leaves us with some determinant on how we will behave.
Yes, the events do influence your choices. You learn from them, you predict from them etc.
But it all depends on how you feel about the past events.
I try not to repeat a mistake. I look at things that have happened in my past as information a I need to proceed.
I use them a a guide. I look at everything from the good to the bad, and try to find as much of the good to focus on. Still though i dont let myself lose sight of the bad because it helped form some of my strongest opinions on things.

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