Why all the stupid morality bullshit?

people always talk about good and evil, and this nonsense and that nonsense, I really hate morality, it has caused me no small amount of pain. we have emotions, emotions that stupid moral beliefs repress and cause horrible effects on the mind, modern day law has made it so if you are angry you either repress your anger and get a brain tumor or something, or let the anger do what IT'S MEANT TO DO IN THE FIRST PLACE, THAT IS, STRENGTHEN, AND PROTECT YOU, AND THEN THEY PUT YOU IN JAIL!! what exactly is this imaginary thing that says it's wrong to get angry when you are angry? the law? fine, but what in nature? dogs get mad when they are meant to get mad, so does every other animal in the world, we are the only species that represses our emotions as much as we do, and the only one with as many psychological problems as we have. is that a coincidence?

Good question! We are the highest of the primates, specifically because we have the ability to reason. This is what gives us the ability to learn how to channel our emotions, instead of just acting on them, without thinking. This is why we aren't 'animals'. This is what helps create the society that we have. Do we like everything about society? No! But what would we be like if we all just emoted everything we thought and felt. Kinda crazy - I can only imagine.

I agree with you that suppressing our emotions is NOT good, and when we do that, we get sick, but we have the ability and reason to be able to release those emotions in different ways that can help us to feel good.

If you're angry at someone, you may feel like punching them in the head, but instead you can go out and play sports and kick and hit balls. What we need to learn and to teach our children is how to channel those emotions in healthy ways. If you haven't learned, you need to, just as we all do. Using drugs or other addictions to suppress them may seem to work initially, and that's what many people do, but ultimately it is not the answer. Bashing someone in the head because you're angry isn't either. If we were all allowed to react however we wanted, there wouldn't be many of us left on the planet, so we do need these laws to protect us. You benefit from that protection as well.

I think the best moral is quite simple and it's the Golden Rule - Do unto others as you would have them do unto you... That's the only answer that you need.
Humans are the only species which can define and implement a morality that is accepted at a world-wide level.

We, as humans, can contemplate and achieve higher levels of consciousness, embrace the concept of morality and apply it successfully.

The main point is that people and cultures evolve over the eons. They transcend and include values that were achieved in the past.

They peek at their own consciousness and contemplate it.

Your supposition indicates to me that you are lingering at a previous level and are not willing to evolve.

We should repress anger in certain situations, but not repress cultural evolution.

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