Why do i get anexiety attacks when i go out, or when i meet people?

I have suffered theses all my life - but have led a VERY full and useful life despite this and have learned to cope with them

I will not pretend it is easy but it is possible - email me if you want to I am a 54 year old woman, happily married for over 21 years who has had anxiety attacks all my life but pretty much have never stopped it from doing anything I really wanted to do - although I have had periods in the past when I could not even leave the house.
but I always tell myself - do not let this beat you, otherwise it wins !

To answer why you personally get them specifically - this is very hard to answer without knowing MUCH MUCH more!???

But the initial onset can usually be traced back to a specific happening - usually in childhood or to something someone said or did to make you feel insecure or that you were a 'bad' person at a time when you were particularly vulnerable
(often but not always a parent or other 'significant other' such as a teacher or sibling)
- so of course if you childhood had difficulties or you did not feel 'safe' as a child this can be a real factor

You are not alone - you will find there are many others out there than suffer this
i suffer from anxiety and if i could answer that i may be able to stop mine.
i dont go out and occasionally when i do it has to be because i wanted to
my biggest fear is the word "appointment"
if i have to be somewhere at a certain time i am ill .
Just like you, I have a similar social disorder. I get nervous and have panic attacks before I meet new people or even just going out sometimes. There is nothing wrong with you, first of all. SO MANY PEOPLE have this. Those you wouldn't think have it, actually do, but can hide it real well. Talk to a doctor or therapist and there are solutions available that will make it easier for you to go out. I have been diagnosed with mild depression and bi-polar disorder, which contributes to my social anxiety attacks. However, after seeing a doctor for this, I am feeling a lot better about going out.
One possible cause: Your fear of being judged by others might be by far stronger than what the majority of people feel.

You should learn not to mind about what others might think or say about your look, the way you dressed, your speech... In short, You will get over the anexiety easily if you manage to control your concern about others' impressions towards you. You need to build self confidence in order to be successful.
You have what's referred to in psychology as "social anxiety". It's probably inherited or something you learned from a parent or guardian. I apparently have it too. Nothing seems to work. I tried medication but it just made me feel weird and the talk therapy didn't really help. I think this "disease" just a natural personality type for some people. Unfortunately, introversion is very unacceptable in our extroverted world and this type of personality is now referred to as "diseased". Good luck with everything.
You may believe that the situations you find yourself in control your feelings.Situations are being brought upon by people like you and me. Who would be the one who could control your feelings - you, big brother or a role model? It is alright to take responsibility of your anxieties - what other's may say or think is entirely subjective and has nothing to do with you - they have to deal with it, it is not your job. Gradually you will be able to get a grip on your anxieties.When you have done it once, you will be able to experience the freedom of choice and react in a way you never did before (cool). Step by step you will be the one who creates situations and who takes part in other people's situation.
Because you are making catastrophic predictions about your future and awfulizing. "If I go out, then bad things will happen. That would be awful!" "If I meet a new person, then they won't like me, and that would be so terrible that I couldn't stand it!" Stop doing that! Try this: "If I go out, then I might feel uncomfortable and even feel a bit nervous, but it wouldn't be awful, and I could stand it!" "If I meet someone new, then I may be a bit shy, but it isn't terrible and I can deal with it!" Come on, what is the worst thing that could possibly happen? How likely is it that the worst thing could happen? How much do you really believe it.? What is more likely? Try it out. You'll be fine!

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