Can a navelpiercing be a problem when having sex? are there other situations when it can be in the way?

thanks in advance

I cant see how that could ever be a problem... unless its just a nasty person its on.
Yes. This woman I had relations with had razor blade pierced onto her navel. Sex was bloody awful. literally.
NO and NO been there, done that, it wont get in the way of sex.
A television doctor once said that it is not the best place for a piercing because it runs a high risk of becoming infected as a result of the proximity to "other stuff".

I've also heard that belts and waistbands of a certain type can increase the chance of irritation and, therefore, infection.
The very thought makes me cringe.
i've had a belly ring since i was 16, i'm 43 now. it's been infected about 3 times. i have had sex and children. i always were my ring. say good by to belts and tight fitting close. i love my belly ring still and when i wear a chain around my waist it reminds of the days when i danced.
do it! just keep it clean. chamomile tea bags are the best!
Good question. I got mine done with my 17 year old daughter on a bet I lost, but my husband loves it. It has never gotten in the way of anything except when I got a belly button ring pulled out while snorkeling in Mexico. Didn't rip thank goodness! I asked my Dr. the best way to take care of it and it was different than what the tattoo/piercing business said. Good luck!
It's never in the way and it's sure as hell sexy! My wife had her navel pierced about a year ago and I always find it sexy when we make love.
When having sex you should use your genitals and not your navel
If it's in the way, why would people get that kind of piercing?
Oh yeah, pierced earings can rip thru one's ear and also get stuck in someone elses hair or on clothing, and tongue rings can really get infected...ahh yes, navelpiercing could be a problem too, never thought of that, however I thought when you get that kind of piercing that it stays within the bellybutton, but I do suppose someone's earing or hair or clothing could get caught on that as well. I'd be curious to know why a person would get a piercing that would cause so many problems. Isn't life complicated enough?
A close friend of mine said that when she wore certain pants that fit at the waist, like the suits she had to wear to work, the waistlines of the pants rubbed against her navel piercing so much that it got irritated and infected. She had to take it out..

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