What is peoples thoughts on person centred counselling?

When dealing with an individual I wasn't aware there was any other type of counselling ?
In some senses, this title, 'Person Centred Counselling,' is a semantic one.

The client, 'The Person', is at the centre of his / her world, and how s/he relates to and interacts with it is (generally) the core of the problem ~ often constructed on or around their relationship(s with either, parents, or 'authority' figures - or even an event or series of them that have created the problem(s the client has to deal with.

It provides an alternative to what could be seen as a 'model' of a way of being.

This is a very brief and very 'generalised' description.

Depending upon the client and other complex factors, it's not a panacea or a 'one size fits all' fixing factor.

I'm not certain that I'm reading you correctly. I have needed counseling throughout my life to overcome much trauma, family and personally centered. Both have attributes that work well if the counselor is skilled. I have been told by them that I would do well in their chosen career because they taught me to understand human behaviors.

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