Do you like me?

i have had a lot of negativity to me when you don't even know me?!

i dont know you but i like most people so probably yes
I am not sure if I like you?

I don’t like you're picture, the way you type, plus I love black pepper so yes I hate you with every bone in my body
I don't like anybody.
are you really new here? I don't know u ,but GOD BLESS you
no i don't like racists like you
Here is a question for you. Who are You? Do you like yourself? When you have answered the later in the affirmative, you will no longer need my validation.
No,you are an idiot.
i like u...
i also like the people that answered ur question...
Why should the answer to this question be of the slightest relevance to your life? I think questions like this actually switch people off you.

The real positive is that you have recognised that you are away from motivated. Having that awareness means that you can change it, so the real question to yourself should be "how do I get towards motivated"

Once you have worked this out and changed your thought processes you wonder why you asked the original question in the first place. Enjoy the trip!!
I just looked at your questions and they definately have a racist tendancy to them. Based on those I do not think I would like you. I would say you are a sad person without a life of your own and u just want to upset others by making questions that upset people. If I am wrong sorry. But you asked
i dont like people who ask corny, insecure cyber questions such as this.
I don't like or dislike you. I don't know you. I hope you don't put much value on whether people online like you. Worry more about the people in your life, like family and coworkers. And consider seeing a psychologist. I'm not kidding. You might be a bit paranoid, or even depressed. I wish you the best of luck. Maybe one day we will be friends.
There are people that are in general misserable and hate themselfs and anything in live. So recognize it as that.
And also do not connect with them. Just drop it and find the Nice things in live.
Do you like your self? There is no greater invitation to like/love than in liking or loving yourself.
I like you until you do something bad to me.
no because your a stupid racist and i hope you get discriminated because of your color so you know how it feels like.
Do you like yourself?
How do I know if I like you when I dont know you But I will tell you this I love making new friends, I have all kinds of friends, some needy some fun some nerve wracking, some give back what you give and I love them all.
i like you , you like me, we're a perfect family, with a nick nack paddy wack, give a dog a bone, this ol'e man came rolling home...........
I don't know you well enough to decide one way or another.
At first I wondered why people were calling you a racist. Then I read your profile and now I understand. You are actually playing around on here. You don't give a rats behind what others think of you. Based on what I've read I would say I don't like you. In general I stay away from people that are intolerant and blatantly stupid. You are not evolved as a human. I take it back about not liking you, I feel nothing for you. You are insignificant.
eww...ur dirty

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