Obsessions about myself and my personal abilities.?

I have an obsession that I am sometimes stupid and cannot even understand my lectures or studying. The process of keeping by heart of some of my homeworks is really difficult for me, I almost forget everything. I am not smart enough in the English Language and sometimes forget a lot of vocabularies and grammars. I am not smart enough to write even a great short story or even a good report. I feel that I will not make something remarkable during the whole of my life. Why all of that is obsessing me? I am really sick.

my suggestion to you are as follows
1.First of all get rid of the inferiority complex- it is not an obseesion as you fear. everyone,particularly at the vulnerable age of adolescence, suffer from this feeling.
2. approach the problems in a logical way. If you are weak ion English language,learn , learn and learn . if English is not your mother tongue,at first it may appear difficult ,. but once you continue with the process of learning, you shall be wondering at how easy the languge is. To improve your vocabulary and grammar ,you may keep on reading newspapers, magazines and story- books and keep on listening to news and other documentaries.alternatively, you may engage a good tutor to help you with the studies.
3.for learning any topic by heart, you need to split the whole topic into smaller paras, learn them and write them- over and over again.
4.correct the commissions and recollect the omissions., By forming some sort of mental image to associate with the difficult words,- it may be a riduculous association -will also help you to remember and retain what you have learnt.
5. try to analyse where the difficulty lies--is it in understanding the problem or in expression of your thoughts . the fact that you have written the question without any grammatical error, shows that you are caple of doing it,
6.never , never develop negative feelings, . reminding yourself constantly that you are caplable of success , gives you the confidence
7. If inspite of all, you feel miserable, it is better to change the subject and choose a subject which you find easy to undertand and study,
''Success is 90% perseverence and only 10% luck ,'' as Thomas Alva Edison said.
You're obsessing because it's frustrating. If you are having that much trouble, try a tutor. You may have a learning disability. (That doesn't mean you're stupid either.) Another option is talking to a guidance counselor to find out options. Learning disabilities can be overcome with help, you just need to find out where to get the right help. Instead of obsessing, do something to find and fix the underlying problem.
Shush...you're not sick at all. Most native English-speaking people feel this way. The fact that English is not your native language is what is scaring you. You asked a more articulate question than lots of American-born kids could ask; and, you're intelligent enough to be worried about your abilities. Most people don't even realize they MIGHT have a problem, so you're way ahead of them. Worrying only hurts yourself. Do your best, use a thesaurus, spellcheck, etc., and go on with your self:)
You focus on the negatives... look at these equations and what do you observe:
a) 1 + 1 = 2
b) 2 + 3 = 5
c) 2 + 5 = 8
d) 3 + 4 = 7
You would probably notice that question c) was incorrect quite early and focus on that... it is human instinct to focus on what is wrong, on the negatives around us... when something is right we tend to discard it from thought because we know "it's all good" but when we see something wrong we have a natural instinct to solve it or at least think about it... that is perfectly normal behaviour...

You focus on the negatives way too much... you see these negatives and focus on them when creating your projected outcomes and of these you look at the worst ones and focus on these even more... I understand because I tend to do the exact same thing... but what you must keep in mind is that these issues, though big in comparison to other aspects in your life, including the positive ones, will probably be small as well... I had a counsellor discuss this with me and he gave me this advice:

"Consider a train, a large locomotive on train tracks and it is stationary. You are sitting beside one of its great wheels. How big does that wheel look? It appears as big as you, taller than you even as you are sitting on the ground right next to it. Say you stand, double your height. How big is it now? It is only up to your waist. Walk away from it. 100 metres... you see the train, it is a long train, but the wheel is small now... Now you are on a viaduct 1000 metres above the train... the train is now a small line and that wheel that was soo big before is now not even seen."

Do you see where I am getting at with this... the wheel is still there but the perspective of which you see it changes. Your issues may never change but if you get up from sitting next to your problems and making them look big, and just take one step back, you will see a difference...

Look at things differently, you will see things differently.

I hope this helps... it helped me...
Are you a university or college student?

If so did you become a student of these academic institutions straight after finishing high school or secondary school?

The reason I am asking these questions is because if you did start uni or college straight after high or secondary school, you are suffering from information overload. Your mind wants a rest from absorbing all this information. What you need to do is either take a break from school and experience the working world or if that is not an option then try playing a sport.

The advantage of the former option ( the one about getting a job) is that your mind will be able to put into practice what it has learned. And if you were to go back to school you will actually excel in your studies.

When I finished Secondary School, I went straight into tertiary studies and like you it was hard for me to remember things. I did not want to be there. After I finished my two years there with barely passable grades, I went and joined the working world, or tried to at least. When this attempt failed, I returned to tertiary studies and ended up getting excellent grades. In fact I was awarded a certificate for outstanding achievement in the course I'd selected, then I landed a job shortly there after. I have now kept this job for 6 years.

So don't panic, just give your mind something else to think about.
Oh my gosh. I felt down just reading that. Maybe try changing your attitude to something more positive. At least you are trying right? Good, that's what's important. Don't give up. You don't sound sick to me at all, just a bit discouraged:(
No...you are not sick. However, I believe that your fear is not that you won't make something remarkable of your life, but that you will. It appears that you fear your own greatness and potential success, thus you convince yourself, over and over, that you will never meet this challenge.

Obsessions provide subconscious relief. They are 100% the product of your creation. Ask yourself what purpose do these thougths serve? What would happen if the thoughts suddenly stopped? What does success mean to me? Why do I fear it?

There are some pros to being 'stupid'. Less responsibility, few expectations and a slim chance of further failure.

On the other hand, being a great success can be a chore. Others will depend on you, your skills will be scrutinized and criticized and should you fail...you are now a lot further from the ground.

I truly believe that you are an amazing individual, but perhaps you feel more comfortable being 'stupid' than taking the risk to succeed.

My very best to you...

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