Its like im having a teenage mid life crisis or something?

i feel like im too immature for my age i mean im 16 about to 17 in October and i feel like im not grown up enough and that i need to grow up more but i dont know how is this normal or something i think reality is setting in that im soon going to be on my own

just give it time. im 17 and i felt like that...getting a job does help tho...
Don't think so, ok? U juz have to read some books, chat with people who are 17+ and try to look for the good qualities in urself. Also learn to appreciate others, go on a forum and share ur views with other people, discuss about ur difference and uniqueness with friends. Talk more to ur parents.
If you are doing normal compared to the people you know, of the same age as you.
Then there is nothing to worry about. Maybe a part time job will help you. In making you feel a little more grown up. Try that see if it works.

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