A Question about your Brain?

I heard that brain won't sleep when we sleep the Brain still works can anybody tell me why the Brain won't sleep

Give me a example that proves that Brain won't sleep and satisfy me and how the dreams are occour in our brain is there any relation b/w the brains and the dreams.

If anybody satisfy me then i will chose his answer as best answer this is my promise to you.

Most of us dream about five times each night. But we only remember a dream if we've been woken in the middle of it. Dreams may help us arrange thoughts in our mind.
While you sleep, your brain is still active. When you dream your brain is as active as it is when you are awake.

No one knows why we need sleep. Without it we can't think logically and lose co-ordination. Perhaps sleeping gives the brain and body time to recover and sort out the day's events.

Try this if you want to know "How Your Brain Sleeps" : http://www.livescience.com/health/050929...
and this:

I hope this will be of some help....
The very fact that you dream proves that your brain is active and not "sleeping".
well first of all the brain controls bodily function so if the brain sleeps well its lights out charlie!. Second of course there is a rlationship between the brain and dreams dreams are a way of sorting out what happened in our daily life. very often you might dream about someone you saw that day or were thinking about. one time I saw this hot girl I didnt even know and i tried to force myself to dream about her and I did, I dreamt that we had super hot sex on the beach. Try it sometime
A brain requires oxygen constantly. It is the smae reason your heart doesnt "sleep". it needs to pumb the blood to your brain.

dreams are unique to a person and their viewpoints. It has been said that if you think about a specific thought just before you go to sleep you will dream of that.
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we have conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind... :D

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