Would you rather be?

Beautiful / handsome with a boring personality, or homely with a great personality? Why?

homely with a great personality because once you get past the initial meeting, if there is nothing more than beauty, then there will be nothing to you.. it will be hard to have any friends or relationships if you are so shallow and boring
homely with a great personality, because looks can only get you so far.
Lucky for me I'm hot and my personality rocks.
I would rather have the great personality! Thats what really takes you places.
homely with a great personality!!
looks only get you so far. when you meet someone, their personality is what matters. when youre going by looks, youre being shallow and ignorant. looks can only get you so far in life. its your personality that wins people over. looks may win you inital brownie points, but they can only go so far...
Honestly, appearences fade with time. If your spouse married you just because you were good looking, you can expect a divorce later on in life.

I mean... how can you live with someone who dosn't share your views & opinions? who you can bearly communicate with? It makes the relationship so boring. It's best to marry someone who you can share stuff with & your spouse would be able to do the same. Learn from each other :) Don't expect perfection :)

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