Conspricacy Theory???????????

Why does the government try to help doggy psych companies? The latest doggy recall is just a shot from the gov and doggie comps to get people to get their dogs on ritalin.I really believe this is true. I think people allowed animals to die just so they can reap the benefits of the aftermath of people caring for their animals. I guess I should buy stock in doggie psychologist.

Well honestly I think you are on to something but it goes way deeper than just dogs let talk about the war and medical institutions! I mean with the Iraq war, the president and all top command people are somehow related to gaining profit and I think this war is just for money !!! If it can be made legal it will be taxed and that is the bottom line...
You should buy stock in crazy pills
I don't understand your question... but Conspiracy Theory is a great movie. I highly recommend it.
Dude, relax. There's more things that should worry you and it's not such a good idea to buy stocks in doggie psychologist. but if you want to that's your free will.
Poisoned dog food from China (where they just eliminated pets there claiming for rabis, instead of giving vaccinations, but growing suspicion is fears of famine has them purging the need of pet food) has no effect on the "psychological" needs of dogs, usually dog behaviour is a reflection of the owner, same as parents/family is reflected in the behaviour of the child. Dog Obedience lessons is more about training the human how to convey to the dog what they expect from it, most dogs just want to please their master but just fail to understand what they are supposed to do. They are no different than children in that respect. But no one is feeding their dog bad food because they will be lucky to get any compensation from the dog food companies or stores, and then only for what they can prove they paid for the dog. The conspiracy is why China is denying FDA inspectors from the USA to inspect the different facilities the poisoned rice and wheat gluten came from, we are not obliged to import food from China, if it isn't going to meet our standards, we need to stop, and all imported food needs to be labelled by source so consumers know what they are getting. I can't imagine putting dogs on ritalin, it has a bad enough effect on people over the longterm.
Maybe you should try Ritalin.
Lose a lot of sleep thinking up that question, did you?? lol

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