*Pysch Question*?

im an aspiring psychologist. ive been taking all the courses i can related to pysch in my hs. and plan on majoring if not going for a PhD in pysch.

Any tips or suggestions at all to help me with my goal?


Listen closely to patients and get as involved as you can so they feel you care about them but also use it as a front just for work, what is work stays at work. Don't get so involved that if one patient for some reason commits suicide even though you've helped them that it uproots your life.

Also, with classes, don't just use the book as a tool. It will get you through tests and projects but really listen to your teachers about how they handled situations and how they felt (they will tell you or by how they tell the story you can sometimes tell how they were affected) but use the teacher and their experience as much as the book. I had a psych teacher who taught by his experiences and it was fascinating to hear how strange the human mind and behavior is and I remember how he dealt with cases like suicidal and schitzophrenia.
always remember why you became a psychologist.
you may want to log your journey so you can look back for introspection along the way.
When you get in college, get to know the professors and what kind of research they are doing, particularly in the area of interest to you. Ask a professor if he could use help with hsi research and volunteer. That way you will get direct experience doing research work which will help you when you have to do a Master's Thesis and Doctoral Dissertation. In college, it wll help you get a good recommendation. Find out what schools your professors went to also. Maybe you will want to go to one of them for graduate school. Good luck!
By starting with classes in hs...smart move.Do you know what area of psychology you want to work in yet? i.e. clinical, research, teaching? There are very few opportunities for just a B.A. or a B.S. You need at LEAST a Master's to do counseling and the Phd. in Psychology is a must if you want to do research. To narrow your focus you may want to "shadow" a psychologist in their setting. Because of confidentiality concerns it can be difficult to do this with a private practitioner.Sometimes hospitals are a good place to do volunteer work AND shadow a psychologist but most places won't allow that until you are ready or close to doing an internship.
Neuropsychology is a rapidly growing area. Call local hospitals to find out if they have a neuropsychologist on board and talk to them. We have 2 where I work and they are both generally receptive to young people who are interested in that field. Good Luck. Hope this helps.

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