Please tell me how to become emotionally numb?

Heh, Some of the leading antidepressant medications are a good way; but don't forget the feelings are what make you human.

There are drawbacks. If it's all taken away, you won't feel a thing. That means overwhelming joy can feel about as exciting as a trip to the doctor. And vice versa.

Careful for what you wish for.
i cant tell you how only that i have and its scary to feel that way to be that upset or that much going on that it all consumes you and you cant tell how you feel or make sense of it all is pure chaos.if you do feel that way you need to seek help either talking with someone you trust or a conselor to figure out why you feel emotionally numb...
One answer ... dont do it!
It's not worth it, you either get worse and worse and never be able to lvoe someone or open up and lead a normal life again, or it will build up inside adn when you face your problems it will 100X worse. I dont know tour situation but I lost one of my lose friends, she was 15! Completely sudden, and I didnt talk about it to anyone, not my parents or my friends everyone thought I was talking to someone else! Its nearly a year agoa dn I wish I had talked about ti while everyone else was, now everytime I think about it, it tstill gets me down!
I'm not comparing my situation to yours, Im sure there different I just mentioned it to show I'm not babbling on and i do have some experience!
Face your problem now, if you need help Im sure there are people around that can help, or lines you can call - but sort it so you can start moving on with your life and piecing it back together.
I feel stupid saying all this when im just a kid, but i read it and felt like I could make a point and stop you doing something you'll regret, sprry if it sounded patronising!
Hope it helped
Em xxx
ritalin. Come on now, do you really want to become a sociopathe?
I am sorry you are feeling this way. First, know that nothing is "permanent", and "this too shall pass". I know, that sounds corny, but it is true. To become emotionally numb, you will limit your ability to experience being alive in other ways, not just in the situation you want to avoid at present. This causes a great disruption in psychological, physical, emotional and spiritual health. One begins to spiral downward, and "things" just keep getting more and more negative.

For what it's worth, I would suggest going out and taking a nice long walk in a park perhaps. Get some exercise, breathe some good clean air. Take stock of your life. Try to discern what direction you truly want your life to go in now. And then think about ways you might take first "baby steps" to start working toward those goals. Find something to believe in, and you'll have a reason to live again, to feel, to move on.

Also, seeking professional counselling in times like these is always helpful. A counselor can help you "get rid of" the pain and learn new ways of thinking, behaving, and doing. These new tools you gain will help you for the rest of your life to interact with the world in healthier ways, and to gain back more control over your own self. To make a choice to "act on" rather than "react to" our lives is the other key to *healthy* emotional regulation.
No, the earlier answerer about anti-depressants is as wrong as wrong can be.
Don't take any kinds of drugs. Period.

Quit worrying about stuff. Take each day as it comes. Don't try to build up special events like Christmas or gatherings into something you want them to be. Take them as they come.

Pretty soon you will see that you don't really want to be emotionally numb, you just don't want the disappointments and heartbreak that your own expectations are causing.

Live your life with no preconceived expectations of how good or bad something should be. Find peace in simple things - sometimes when folks reach a certain age they start thinking something is wrong because things aren't "like they used to be".

Finally, don't shun emotions. If you feel anxiety or even pain, realize its just that- a feeling. A part of living that you are experiencing that makes you know that you are alive. Take the good with the bad- if life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Corny saying, but kind of true.
You laugh, you cry, you love, you hate, you desire- mine as well live your life to the fullest. The thing is you can't force it and you can't always control it. Just like when you were a child, you have to let life play you sometimes to be happy
I don't think it's as good of an idea as it sounds. If you ignore your emotions now, they'll come back later stronger. I don't think it is actually possible to be emotionally numb either.
You have to lose the ability to care (through legal drugs or hypnosis or any other type of treatment).
You have to be so completely apathetic that nothing matters to you.

And once you do this, it may be hard for you to ever start caring again. So, think wisely before you wish to become emotionally numb.
You don't want to become emotionally numb. Emotions aid in our survial:)

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