People are always tell me I need to stand up for myself. Does anyone have any tips?

Just remember you are a very special person.And only you can let others walk all over you.The only advice I can give is don't be afraid to state your own opinion.And always do right.
They tell you to do drugs too.
You want some advice on that as well?

Make your own decisions for a change.
Stop relying on others to run your life.

This doesn't make any sense.
You probably want to be told what to do.

Can't help you out.
i think the best way to learn is actually going through the situation itself...

eventually, you will learn that you cannot let others use you like a door mat; to let people put you down is only hurting deserve respect like everyone else...
tewo books:

Don't Say Yes When You Want To Say No


Your Erroneous Zones.
Take some lessons in Karate....
You must believe in yourself.
That phrase"stand up for yourself" can mean alot of different things depending on the context. I've seen people "stand up for themselves" only to get knocked on their ***. I'm assuming that the people who tell you this are implying that other people either physically or verbally abuse you in some way that bothers them. If it bothers them, then let them stand up for you. Are you a runt? (a little guy). Make friends with a monster (a guy like me who benches 4-500 lbs and crushes peoples faces if they piss me off). Maybe you just don't let people push your buttons because you're smarter than they are. Do you feel a need to stand up for yourself? Maybe the people who say this to you just want to see you get into it with someone. Why do THEY feel you need to stand up for yourself? Think for yourself. Maybe it's just because you choose to ignore the ignoramuses you are fated to deal with everyday. There's nothing wrong with avoiding idiots.
just do what you feel is right
That is very situational. There however some guide lines. If someone is trying to take advantage of you in any way, don't let them get away with it. If someone tries to push you around let them know you are not going to accept their bullying ways. There many ways to respond when others target you. You will probably find this hard, if you have been in the habit of giving way and letting others push you around, you might find assertiveness training useful.
I guess you need to believe in yourself and even if it feels uncomfortable to challenge something, sometimes you have to just be brave and put yourself through it, it will then get a tad easier the next time and so on. I have heard that the book 'Feel the fear and do it anyway' is really helpful for that sort of thing.

I appreciate the Karate answer may have been a bit jokey, but I actually think it is a really good idea, my sister does Karate, it will help you meet people and maybe even feel more confident about yourself, no harm in giving it a go.

The first step is always the hardest, but push yourself outside of your comfort zone and give it a go, you will find it gets easier every time after that.

What's the worst that can happen?

Good luck :o)
Stand up for Jesus and you will be better off.

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