Why are women so spiteful and feel the need to avenge themselves?

All women want to possess a man and not share him. It is a primeval biological need. If this need is not satisfied, she builds a desire to avenge herself.

Generalizing does not help to get to the truth. If you are asking about possessiveness, as you know, all genders can feel possessive. For example, if someone stole your PC and flaunted the theft, you would feel something like spite and a desire for revenge or punishment. The problem with human beings, though, in the context of your question, is we are not property. We are not possessions.

The less emotionally evolved and mature a person is, the less that person is able to emotionally cope with and comprehend "competition" and to problem-solve in non-violent ways. Spite and revenge are violent behaviors. The healthier one's self-esteem is, the healthier his or her coping mechanisms become.

Possessiveness is not a primitive biological need. It is a perpetuated social and individual disease. Notions about monogamy, marriage and fidelity are culturally subjective and hail from subjective religions. Many people are surrounded with cultural messages all of their lives that it is "right" to be possessive. Monogamy, though, helps to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted disease by limiting contacts.
You should get out of the house a little more often. Meet some real women.
wow who really cares?
Soooo not true. I do share my man and get great pleasure out of watching ;)
Hmmmm... that's just one moron's opinion. Stereotyping never helped anyone.
Not really..Are you a man??
Men can be spiteful and heartless too. What do you think about a man who deliberately sets his house on fire killing his wife and children simply because he (mistakenly) believed she was having an affair
I think that's a question for the ages. Possibly due to the women don't like the "nice" guys phenomenon, so before they get to date anyone normal they're all screwed over and used by the wild and crazy men. Then the shoulder gets chipped and they help make the rest of the world unhappy.

If any of those women are reading this - for shame. Nice guys don't deserve to inheret your problems.
I do think this is partially true, but I also think it goes vice versa as well. I don't know why though, there has just been a long standing evilness amongst women...especially when a man is involved. I try not to be involved in the catiness and jealously that I know most women possess whether it be intentional or not.
im a woman and the more i care about a boyfriend the more i want to hurt him im not 100% on why i do it but i don know that all the females in my family are the same i think its like a defense mechanism because ive seen so many people including me get hurt bigtime i hurt to convince myself and the boy i dont care. i never used to admit it was a problem until i lost my ex because of the spitefulness and jealousy that overtook me. and now i dont allow myself to get close to people so im the complete opposite almost let them do what they want when they want and if they choose to never see me again because there too busy dipping their tackle in other oceans then so be it...its over i guess what im tryin to say is im not sure but im going to try my hardest to find out and be normal because it hurts me more than it hurts the boys im hurting
that is a good question
men want to spread the seed and women want to claim it for thier own.
maybe that is the driving force behind procreation
Nobody can figure out about women; me, anyway. In China, they said that "some women can be more poisoned than snacks and scorpions"
LOL! You'd probably like more then one at a time am i right? Well, i am a women unlike the description you gave ALL women. I like to have more then one guy around. I've even had a threesome once with a girl i trusted and a guy we both liked. It was stictly sex! Right now i'm running free and traveling the world having a little taste of every country if you know what i mean. Eventually i'll want to settle down and be completely faithful. Even though i say this coming from a background of crazy sex, i'm completely dedicated to what i say. Guys in the past i've dated were just there for the hell of it, i didn't actually love them, but i was with them because i liked being around them until it got old news.I'm only 25 and i'm not planning to slow down until around 30.Once i find a mature male i will have a kid and get married. I WOULD NEVER IMAGINE CHEATING! Somone to do that is heartless, only unless they are completely sure they are not inlove and the partner is abusive! Boyfriends are one thing, but fiancas and husbands are another. If i'm serious about a relationship i'll tell him i love him and then he'll now i won't cheat! These women are probably falling inlove with you or are confused of the feeling they are getting for you! You must understand just like many males i have dated they were getting sex confused with real love! Real love is years of work and a lot of commitment and even suffering. If you would jump infront of bullet for somone you may not be inlove you may just be envious and extremely caring of them. Love comes only when it is mature. Passionate love from the begining is a imature love that is the beginging stage, but it is hard to disesct weather it is more so pleasure then comitment. A random person off the street who sees you have a child and they have nothing may take a bullet for you because they are a good sameriten. Remember love is when you become one. It is when you both can make choices together and raise a family together. How you can keep sex hiddden behind clouthes doors, how you can follow him just because his job takes him to a harsh place, or if he were poor you'd be poor with him. Real love is a kind of love that naturaly comes from the very begining of when you have kids. You'd die for your kids and you put them before your needs!& that is the same root of a love for your husband or wife. There needs to you are more inportant to you then you are to yourself! That is when you truely become one& sex becomes not only for pleasure, but also for being close and making children(that is the best sex you will feel).

Can you just imagine sex with no consequences i mean! If you get pregnant you know the other person will want it and be extremely happy to get it instead of being very scared after and using a condom or birth control. Can you imagine feeling extremely close and focused on eachothers pleasures.. that would lead to AMAZING ORGASMS!

Sorry for the long story lol!
It is the fear of losing what she had won through her efforts, looks, and personality. She put a lot of effort in attracting you, and put herself in a position that is a negative. It is the response that she receives that makes it a positive. If she gained your attention, love, and faithfullnes, then it was a success. If there comes a time when she looses you before she feels she has gotten her efforts worth, that is when she feels that she has to protect what she has. A woman does not know when she will be able to put herself in a negative deficit again, so it is her fear of losing that causes her actions. She can't beat you over the head and take what she wants, she has to look, act, and feel for what she wants.
I think the reason some women are like that is because they are protecting themselves. They try to outsmart you & out think you so that they can hurt you before you hurt them. It mostly stems from bad experiences & bad relationships. The want or need for some women to be controlling is another form of self protection. They feel like if they can control the people & the things around them, they will be able to avoid hurt and pain. It certainly isn't true that all women are like this, however, there are many women who are insecure enough to act this way. Young women also can be this way due to lack of maturity & experience, really. Men & women both have ways that they put up defenses against the opposite sex. For many men, it seems to be the fear of commitment & lack of ability to express their emotions. I'm glad I don't have to deal with that & the whole dating thing anymore. So much game playing & all going on. Who we are is a combination of all of our life experiences & people we've met who have influenced us one way or another. I think we all have to be patient and understanding with each other & we'll get along just fine.
You must be very young to generalize about all women. If you want to share you need to be a swinger. Women don't share due to relationship issues, STD's and emotional as well as spiritual damage. See... we are smarter than you give us credit for... at least I am.

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