A recurring drawing I drew as a child, the meaning please?

I am 34 now. I rememeber that in all my college class notes I had this particular drawing at many places.

There is this four legged, flat surfaced wooden stool. On the wooden stool there is this garden pot usuallu used for growing small floweirng plants.

In the pot, there is this miniature big tree (like bonsai), it has two branches. On one branch a bird is sitting and it is as big as the tree and the pot combined.

Near the birds beak, a worm is hung from a string from the sky. Sometimes the worm is on a fish hook, but the hook is quite exposed and one can easily see the bird will not be harmed by it. The hook is just something to hold the worm in place.

What does this drawing mean and why did I draw it so many times during my college days?

According to Freud it means you had an unhealthy sexual attachment to your mother.
I'm not a psychologist, but you were studying at the time, so perhaps the worm was the "prize" and you the bird...were you ambitious when you were studying? Did you want to go on to a particular career very badly and were your grades good?

Interesting that your tree was like a bonsai and in a pot, i.e. constrained and/or stunted. True, it was supporting life...but it wasn't exactly flourishing in the wild or anything like that. And if the bird was bigger than the tree AND the pot, clearly there's a sense of the bird's being unconstrained and having potential (to fly away; to eat the worm; to "outgrow" its present environment/surroundings).

The worm is there for the bird to assist its growth, perhaps, and give it the nourishment it needs to free itself from its "confiding" surroundings...

I think it's potentially a very positive dream. Hope this makes sense to you!
umm, i think you drew it alot because it's a cool drawing...

fishing for birds >_<.

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