Whats the THE BEST EMAIL REPLY ,when ive emailed him to ask him out and he emailed back saying hes BUSY?

You know what? He's just not interested. Good! He's NOT for you. Now you know that, and can move on to someone who WILL be interesed in you and may even be THE ONE!!

Don't let that get you down. I'm sure you have turned people down in the past as well. It's part of life.
Don't email him back. He is not worth your time.
email back saying, you're sorry. You meant to send this email to his best friend and by mistake put in his address instead.
Say OOPS, sorry I sent to the wrong person..then forget about the jerk.
ummmm thats a tough one. I would say. Okay maybe another time. Then say well i am going to a movie with a bunch of friends. And if he wants to go but maybe he cant he wants to go out with you but he is to busy. Then if he says no means you should find someone else.
no reply it is his turm now to ask you out if he wants a relationship with you
You blew it. You shouldn't ask someone out via email. You should have called him or asked in person. No wonder he said no.

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