A q 2 liberal tree hugging anti war ,save the whales types?

whats more important to you ,and who would you put first after a nuclear war. Your family or the rest of humannity.and those poor dolphins that the japanese eat.

wow are you really that weak in your convictions that mere counter points of view are enough to scare you that bad?

i'd laugh at you if it weren't so sad.
family definalty!
i would focus on repopulating the world..( just to be straight I'm not a tree hugging anti war hippie just wanted to awnser)
my leftie credentials are second to none so i think i'd have to say the rest of humanity cos i need food,companionship,entertainme... a girlfriend as well would be nice and to try and rebuild the world in my image,see told you i was a proper leftie cos we're all secretly wanna be gods, and i think you'd need a lot of people to put things back togetther again.
sorry for the randomness but i'm knackered.
Anti War but the trees and whales can go jump.Can't put no one first after being nuked cos there ain't gonna be anyone left.Hence being anti war
My family.

We can eat the rest.

That has got to be the worst question I have never asked!
a question to you,why dont you go f*ck yourself?
I AIN'T A LIBREAL TREE HUGGER SO , S*D THE REST MY FAMILY COME FIRST. And I hope the bl**dy dolphins ain't eat all the tuna.
us liberal tree hugging types hope to stop a nuclear war... if you narrow war minded people would stop worshipping war and nuclear weapons, and hug a tree once in a while you might lend us a hand then everything can be saved...

Everything except you right-wing, pro-war types who will have got what they deserve.
Probably forsake them all and spend my time looking for you to finish you off, just to make sure you dont repopulate the world and start the destructive process all over again. That tree huggin enough for you ;-)
The rest of humanity are my family, man. We have a duty to look after our immediate family. A dolphin might help his brother from a past life by being eaten by him in this one. A tree might heal his brother from a past life by being hugged by him. All the beings in the world help their brothers and sisters. You might help your brothers and sisters by stimulating thought and debate by posting a question on FunQA.coms. Thankyou brother.

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