Is this rape, or was I asking for it... and now what?

I went out to the club with some friends last night and ended up going to a hotel with a guy I'd met there (I was pretty drunk but I did it anyway, against my better judgement). So we had sex and afterwards he went next door where the guys he came to town to work with were at. The next thing I knew his three friends were all up on me, tearing off my clothes and making me give them oral sex (grabbing me by the hair) and one of them managed to get himself inside of me. I kicked at him and screamed at them for a couple of minutes before they all let up when the guy I'd left with came back in and asked what was going on. I hurried and got my clothes on and left the room. The guy I'd gone there with offered to give me a ride back home so I let him. At this point I was just tired and aggravated and very drunk, and just wanted to go home. Today I'm very sore "down there" and I'm thinking I should probably go get a morning after pill but what am I supposed to say?...

First of all, you're never asking for it - no matter what you say/what you wear - it's still your choice and you can always say no at any point.

Sounds like the first sexual encounter was consentual, but the 2nd sound more like gang rape to me.

All that aside, you need to do what's best for you physically & mentally. Whatever you choose, it will be the right decision.

My advice to you is get yourself checked out medically and do whatever you can to get the treatment you need including the morning after pill. In fact, I believe (but I'm not positive) that if you are over a certain age, you can request this pill wo/ even having to explain your situation. Also, you may want to consider some counseling. It's usually better to talk these things through w/ someone who is knowledgeable.
You were set up. This friend you were with went out to call on his friends when he was finished with you. How did he know when to reappear and offer you a lift home. Where was he when all this was happening. Why did he not come to your rescue. This is an issue that is going to bug you for a long long time. I would lay charges, and include him in the deal.

In the meantime, see that you get the help you need. What about AIDS? I think you need to take all the precautions there are, as well as any form of counselling available.

Do not blame yourself, you did not ask for this. It was all planned and very finely corroborated. You had no way of knowing.

Good luck for the future, take care of yourself and always look out for yourself, nobody else will.
How nice of everyone to let you off the hook so easily. I'm afraid you are to blame more than the above answerers are saying. It's not like a drunk driver who killed someone will be told, "Oh don't worry, you didn't know what you were doing, it's OK." My girl, if you feel terrible, then you should, because you are responsible. If you feel sore, "down there" then it sounds as if you had every one of those men inside you. I'd bet you gave oral to them as well. At any rate, think twice before getting drunk. And if you get drunk and surround yourself with horny men, you'd better not bother to ask anyone if you've been raped the next day, because you weren't. You got drunk and let 4 guys have sex with you in any way they wanted.

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