A question about science.?

When you move your hand it looks like a free will right. But in actuality it a system of things going through ur brain transimiting to ur nerve a system and is more a chance that it will make it there. You mind is under several laws and physics to actual being able to do things. So do we really have 100% free will is it more of a illision we have free will.

the concept of free will is nice but not realistic whether one takes a pragmatic or religious view of the world. let's put religion aside (both because this is the wrong forum and predeterminism pretty much rules out free will) and focus on a more pragmatic view of the world.

when i discuss this with my class the example i use is their presence in college. I start simply by asking them if they came to school of their own free will. of course most will respond yes, right? then i further probe the issue by asking why did you come to school. I get the standard, to get a good job answer more often than not. So in other words they are not there by their own free will but rather because they need to be in order to meet the prerequisites society has placed on them prior to obtaining a "good" job.

of course i always get the student who will argue that many make the choice not to come. and there you have the crux of the issue. free will and freedom to choose are not the same thing. clearly everyone has the ability to make choices, and often these choices appear to be the result of free will.

But, when you stop and consider the contigencies in which the agent who is making the choice exists, often times there are environmental (read as biological, societal, cultural, religious, etc) factors that constrain the range of possible choices.

Thus in short, there is no such thing as "free will" at least not in the way that is defined as the ability to make decisions for oneself completely autonomously, and free from any external control.
I believe it is both. Have you ever gone somewhere of your own will, but when you got there, it felt like you were somehow SUPPOSED to be there

This is a philosophical question as well, and I hope you continue being curious!
Well, you have the option to _not_ move your hand. Think of what a composer does when he makes up a new tune on a piano. That's all free will, because he's coming up with a pattern that wasn't there before and was never done by anyone else.
It is still your choice to move your hand. A deeper question would ask whether or not we have 100% free will because our hearts automatically pump blood.
I don't think you have 100% will of the hand. Sometimes when you are nervious you move your hand (not on porpuse)...So, i think you got 95-99% will of your movements...(like your hands etc.)

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