A psychological problem involving love?

I was just wondering if anybody could tie these behaviors to symptoms of a psychological problem. It's already been confirmed by my psychologist that I have depression, but though my general mood has gotten better from medication, these problems still remain..

-I can't let go of crushes. I've had the same crush for 3 years, and instead of going absolutely ga-ga over this person, I fear him, he haunts my dreams, and the whole situation makes me absolutely miserable.
-If I do meet a guy who I am attracted to, I tend to try to be their friend. But when they don't talk to me or ignore me, even if it was unintentional, I get unbelievably depressed.
-I'm afraid of sexual behavior, and don't watch movies because of it. I've never been in a relationship before either. Being around couples makes me feel depressed and uncomfortable.

Can anybody help me figure out what's wrong? And please don't give me a lecture on how love works or that sex is great. I don't care, and can't control my emotions

instead of coming here you need to go back to the professionals, it could be a symptom of your depression, there could be an underlying issue that has caused this and your depression. Its time to get with a licensed professional and tell them everything, they will give you exercises and the freedom to explore your emotions deeper. Here is some of my personal insight (im not a professional)i think you are showing a real fear of intimacy, all of the things you said are related to getting close & intimate (not necessarily sexual) to another person. Get some help, you are young & getting help now will help you enjoy your life so much more later :)
you certainly have a problem on your hands. I think that you should find a random dude and do it with him. Then, never call him again. This will make you feel empowered that you are in control and will get you over your fear of sex.

Then you can 'sl ut' it up in college!

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