Are you overly emotional or calm and cool?

have learnt that all 3 have their place but i don't like emotional people, b/c of the lack of practicality.

being cool headed & logical, is what i strive for.

staying calm can be hard in real crisis, so reverting to cool problem-solving attitude is much better than hysterics & drama-queen theatrics.
All of the above plus happy. :-)
i'm normal
Calm and cool.
im really emotional
Over emotional
I am usualy calm,but find it hard to relax at times,i have had a stressful time recently and it brought on irritable bowl..but i have had a few days of less stress and the symtoms have gone.I also suffer panic attacks whenever i have to have a smear,what has triggered this is unknown.
I can be both - so am obviously all over the place!!
Either or in certain situations or with certain people...
In general, with strangers, I am mostly calm and cool (but in a smiley warm kinda way), and with my loved ones...there, I wear my emotions on my sleeves!
Calm and cool
calm and cool. 30/m
I like to think of myself as calm and cool. However after today at work I am now over emotional! Off to the pub now to get angry and abusive once I get drunk
What day of the week is it.
Am all the emotions of the rainbow depending on the day.
Cool, really cool.
I keep my cool, even when my whole world is crashing all around me...
I'm a bit of a control freak, so I am calm and cool when things are going perfectly and to my standards. When they are not i can get emotional.
Both. I am bipolar so when I am in between my manic or depressed swings I am calm...
But when I am swinging...emotional. But the manic side is FUN!!! well at least in the beginning..
I am very stressed sometimes and emotional, sometimes calm, and rarely cool, but we cannot say we are emotional, calm or cool we are all these things, time and moments in life change our feelings, our way of perception, etc. :)

I think with my head, and think with my feelings, (mind, hearth and soul - though hearth may equal soul) :P
deceptively calm and messed up.
depends on situation

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