Why can't I find a serious girl?

I see myself as handsome tall and not an ounce of fat on my body...i just don't understand why i can't get a girl to be serious with...a have no problem hooking up with a girl but is that all any girl wants?

I think you have to change the way you see yourself - then follow through on that. For example, if you sound like a superficial guy you will meet superficial women and have superficial relationships. You get out of life what you put into it. What goes around comes around.
Change the type of girl you go after. Apparently, something has to change if you want different results. Think about the type of girl you're going after.
All the girls are playing the guys now!
Maybe because you have to lighten up a little more .
yeah, like kami said...

i dont think the problem is you, i think the problem is the girls that you are choosing to try to be with.
maybe you are choosing girls too fast by appearance or whatever. of course everyone is attracted by looks but after that continue to get to know her and take things a little slower. its odd how girls have "adapted" to alot of guys just wanting one thing, in turn we have starting thinking the same way even if we do like a guy. we aren't gonna be calling him, etc because we don't want to be rejected or look like an idiot if you're not into us. but if you show her that you are interested in her whole being and pursue her a bit maybe things might go better for you. this is my honest opinion bro, i know i don't know tha whole story...good luck sweety!
make lots of money and only date call girls.
Where are you going to meet women? If it's bars and night clubs, then of course you're going to be surrounded by women who are only looking for a quick hook-up.

You only referred to your appearance as being potentially attractive to other women. Of course everybody is drawn in my appearances at first, but it's personality that keeps them interested for the long-run. Isn't there anything about your personality or character that you want to share with a girlfriend? Maybe that's something to think about because you're more than just a height/weight/hair color. And the same goes for the women you're pursuing--I think it's fine to have certain standards for attractiveness in the people you date, but if you want to find someone who's girlfriend material what you should be looking for above all is a woman with an genuine, thoughtful, and caring personality. Hope this helps you. Good luck!
there are serious girls around...

like you they fall in the hands of guys playing around...
that's life very fair..

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