Now Atheists don’t go gettin’ bent. I asked a question…?

If you believed that people could live to be 600, 800+ years.
Now we know I was using Genesis as a premise. But that was BESIDE the point. Out of all of the brilliant thoughtful people that you are, I was blown away that not even ONE of you gave it serious thought. Could it be possible that their genes where robust enough at the time to restore damaged cells and organs and even restore teeth? Keep in mind these people had to survive to populate the whole earth so it could have been a temporary condition to propagate the human race effectively.

Can I get some of that brainwork going here? Let’s try it again. C’mon you guys have tackled problems far more complex than this.

You want a serious answer?
Okay...What if in "ancient times" humans, and possibly other animals had a slightly different DNA chain...
The way we understand aging is that we have a series of repeating genes at the "end" of our DNA that drop off with each cellular regeneration,(average regeneration is about 7 years apart,) we get X free regenerations, say about 5, and then we start losing useful information. At first there is little effect, but as we lose more and more information, it begins to affect the functioning of the cells that contain the DNA, and the general degradation of function we call aging...
This is a known scientific fact...
However, how this "genetic flaw" came about is unknown, lost in the vastness of time.
For the sake of argument, we might suppose that at one time humans DID NOT AGE by this standard...The only thing that would cause the degredation of the DNA would be random mutation of the genes, from MANY divisions, exposure to UV rays and the accumulations of natural toxins over long periods of time...Of course any animal that DID NOT have a "self-extiction" gene would eventually reproduce without making room in the ecosystem for the succeeding generations...In other words, unless they were HEAVILY culled by predators, misadventure or conflict, they would consume all available resource, and go out like a spent candle...But if a family was separated from the group, (not at all a long shot, since we believe early humans to be tribal nomads,) they might posess an inferior gene...One that caused them to start aging after only a few decades, instead of centuries. THEY would survive, generation, after generation, in balance with their environment. The decendants of those survivors being us... Now obsessed with "curing" this "defect."
Maybe all ancestors of present animal life went through this
process, the stage of "agelessness" may have been a time of rapid evolution because successful creatures might be able to produce hundreds of offspring, and since the gametes might deviate more as the parents aged, they would not neccesarily lose use of the reproductive organs...Thus increasing the chance for genetic variation...
There is nothing to show that our "genetic code" has decreased over the years. If nothing else people live far longer NOW than at any point in history.
i believe it.

have you heard of those people in the himilayas that live for 100s of years and eat apricot oil. i can't remember their name, but they're awesome.
"Can I get some of that brainwork going here?"... Are you kidding?!

How can the fact that you were using Genesis be beside the point? Human beings have never lived for 600 years. Our life span has actually increased thanks to food and medicine. You're talking about things you read in the Bible as if they were facts, but they are not.

And why is this in the "psychology" section, anyway?

For Glamorous: I know where he was getting at, you know! But the point is, he said "If you believed that people could live..." Well, I just DON'T because it's not possible! At least, it wasn't possible. Sure, if you want, if someone did live 600 years, yes, his immune system would have been very strong, and his body would regenerate itself for a while. You know, like in Dragon Ball and Dragon BAll Z, the anime for kids and teenagers...

Mike is mixing things up, here. He asks us to imagine that some people, a long time ago, could live for 600 years. Ok, I can do that. I've watched a lot of cartoons and animes when I was a kid, so that's not that difficult to imagine. So, his question is, basically, how would it be possible for them to live for that long. Well, true, they probably would have the capacity to regenerate, or it could be that their body didn't degenerate as fast as our bodies do (think Dragon Ball again).

But then, he says "Keep in mind these people had to survive to populate the whole earth so it could have been a temporary condition to propagate the human race effectively." That's different from what he asked at first. What he is doing now is trying to make us say/believe that 2 people were put on Earth (well, sent to Earth, according to the Bible) to populate the Earth. But according to scientific FACTS, it's not true as we came from small organisms (etc). So, you see, since we don't come from only 2 people, you can make me imagine whatever you want as a premiss, but in real life, the end result is the same: people HAVE NEVER LIVED FOR 600 YEARS.

So, that's why most people didn't even bother to answer his question directly because it would be a waste of time. And, since I have time to waste, I answered the question.
I think its possible, because if they lived that long then they must have had strong immune systems. therefore, haveing stronger bodies which probably made them live longer. so...if they lived so long, their bones also had to be strong, including teeth, but the immune system as I mentioned before probably restored cells and maybe organs.

the person that answered just before me is not getting it. you're asking IF people lived to be 600-800+
OK as a Christian I have to butt into this one. Can anyone tell me exactly how many days were in a year at the beginning of time? We have to remember that the calendar is a modern day thing that we can't even agree on. Should it start on Sunday or Monday? Jewish Calendar? Chinese Calendar? Years have developed as the centuries have gone on. After all Cesar had a month added for him...Most of the events that are described in the Bible are center around area that are near in the desert. Did they know seasons like we do, which we base our years on? Weather and seasons are constantly changing. So how many days long was a year in 650 b.c.?
I am a Christian, so I am somewhat subjective here... But, objectively, if there were fewer diseases, fewer viruses, healthy food, why not?

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