Am I going crazy?

Lately I've been seeing things out of the corner of my eye that acually aren't there..and I've been hearing things that acually aren't there. Lol I think I'm going nuts..It's scareing the crap out of me!

yah, sleep deprivation is it, your eyes got dehydrated and your sense of consciousness has been taken to another level, i would recommend a week of heavy sleeping, any try not to stay up too long in the near future and gets lots of water and lots of veggies and good healthy food, and get laid hehehe
Don't listen to talking dogs.
Don't drink any more tap water.
I dont think your crazy at all... Maybe just a little more in tune to your surroundings perhaps.. Have your eyes checked and if that dont satisfy you see a doctor..

well I say smoke a blunt and get some rest after a good nights sleep if you still wake up kinda off your rocker hit a doctors office
That happens to me all the time..I see things out the corner of my eye ..I don't know what it is but sometimes it drives me nuts!! And I hear things at night when I get up to smoke it sounds like a radio somewhere but I've gotten to where I just kinda know its just my mind. Just try and tell yourself its just your mind being crazy.
I have my M.S. in Psych. While schizophrenia does share similar symptoms, it would be unlikely that you would be aware that they're abnormal. You would be paranoid and convinced of their "realness", at least to you. In terms of psychology, symptoms such as these are most often manifested due to extreme stress and/or sleep deprivation. The best cure is to relax and catch up on sleep...I guarantee it will all go away.
No. you are probably just a little jumpy and need a nice nap or a bubble bath to chill out.
When we only sort of hear things, we tend to hear them as human, or otherwise put meaning to them.

A couple of years ago, at night, I was hearing this demonic chanting, barely audible, but really strange.

I FINALLY realized it was the sump pump; making a subliminal noise, that my brain interpreted as below-intelligibility-hearing voices.

I was reminded of this while reading Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion, where he tells a similar story.

Similarly, when we are not looking directly, little bits we see, are filled in by our brains.

(The brain actually fills in a lot of our visual field -- there are a lot of optical illusions based on this. You might find the book Phantoms of the Mind interesting in this regard; written by a neurophisiologist; fun read.)

Just as we tend to see human faces and other things in random markings (clouds, water-spots, colors in rocks, etc.), we're always filling in meaning in what we see and hear.

Either you're just noticing it lately, or maybe there's something funny with your hearing, or sight (need a new prescription; wax in the ears).

I wouldn't worry about it.

But if it keeps bugging you, get your hearing and vision tested.

It would have been better if you'd said what you said in the Additional Details up front.

Giving all the relevant details, and specifically describing what you're talking about gets better answers.
You might be a physopath.

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