Why do people cut themselves?

Its a coping device. Sometimes related to depression or borderline personality disorder, people cut for a myriad of reasons. Some do it to release extremely strong negative emotions that they have no other outlet for. Or because they see themselves as worthless people. It can be related to perfectionism - if a person thinks he or she should be perfect, but then cannot...they begin to hate themselves for it. Cutting is also used to combat feelings of numbness, or as a way to exert control over one's life when there seem to be no other aspects in which one may control it. Over time, cutting can become addictive, because the body relates cutting to the feelings of relief it provides, so when relief is needed, people want to cut.

There are some people who cut because they think it is the cool thing to do or because they think it is expressive, but they are a very small minority of cutters.

Also. Many people think that others cut for attention. What they forget is that most cutters go to great lengths to hide their cuts, and only tell a trusted few, if any. It is a way to stay alive, to avoid suicide.

Finally, cutting is a serious thing, and if you are doing it, I would suggest seeking help from a mental health professional, because it can grow into larger problems that may affect all aspects of your life.
turning emotional pain into psychical pain makes it easier to deal with for some people.
It gives them some sort of "high"
My guess is that it's a cultural, group phenomenon. Vulnerable people find out that some distressed people cut themselves, and when they in turn are distressed they cut themselves too.
It's a way to release their emotions i guess you could say.cutters need phycologist to help them throughout their emotional situation.
Because there is a relief they get from whatever they are feeling. For instance: Some people will get to a point where they are emotionally feeling so bad that the need to get a bit of relief is so great that the only way they can think of to get that relief is to hurt themselves. Burning themselves with cigarettes is the same thing, just a different mode. Actual suicide attempts (not the attention getting kind) are often the same thing in the extreme. The relief, while temporary, is very real to them.
As a means of coping. It's an immediate relief not something you have to wait for like talking to someone. I have cut since I was 14 and as much as I've tried I've never found something to take the pressure off like cutting does.
There are many reasons and for each person it can be different. Some of the reasons could be:1.Perhaps to release some emotion on themselves because they can't find any other way to release it.2 To escape feeling numb.3. As a suicide attempt. 4. Self -hate, therefore wanting to destroy themself.

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