Chakra question?

If I learned to use chakra ( I already am, but this is out of couriosity) would I be able to do some of the moves off Naruto? And if so, which ones? THANKS!

"Chakra, the most important element in the series. We can't imagine how the Naruto series would look like without Chakra. Not only does it respresents strength, it also gives a certain personality to the character. Chakra is basicly the power Masashi Kishimoto, the series' creator, gave to the Ninjas in the series.

Chakra is simply stated, the energy you use when doing a jutsu. Basically, to do ninjutsu or genjutsu, you must mix your Chakra(which is bodily energy collected from cells throughout the body) and spirtiual energy(which is gained through experiences). Then by doing the proper hand poses Seals, the jutsu can be activated. Once Chakra is activated, various techs and movements can be used. Without Chakra a Ninja wouldn't be able to do much.

Chakra is the energy needed by a ninja to perform jutsus. "


There are many names for this force, chi, ki, spirit, manna etc. It is the basis for many martial arts and spiritual-meditative practices. Some of the popular ones are Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Aikido. The arts blend the mind and body energy. "Chakra" or "Chakras" is initially a Hindu term for the popularized and common 7 major energy points within the body; root, sacral, solar plexux, heart, throat, third eye, and crown.

With proper martial arts training and a lot of self-discipline, the energy of the mind and body can harmonize so that many/any of the martial arts moves can be achieved.
Na, I wouldnt count on it
Are you sure you know what chakra really is. Because if you did, doing the crazy things from Naruto, you'd realize are impossible. But, that would rock, especially Naruto's sexy jutso

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