Why can't women take harsh jokes?

I asked a question "How do I destroy all humans?" All the dudes gave me a funny answer and played along while the females were like "I don't like you".."Go jump off a big bridge"... "Kill yourself"...and so forth, what the heck LOL.

Although women tend to be quite perceptive in the nuance of true and heart-felt emotion in speech, they also sometimes misinterpret a literal statement uttered to elicit a smile.

However, I must say that men have the same propensity, only maybe at a slightly lower level.
Lmao. Maybe I'm just immature but I found it rather amusing [I'm a woman... or a girl at least [[16]]].
I guess women just I don't know, think everything on here should be taken as serious as it's a help forum though and that's why they come on here. Not sure if that makes sense, but it makes sense to me =D.
i can take it--bring it on

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