Best Question ever?

Is your life a dream? If not how do you know this? Of course everyone around you would say know because they are woven into that dream along with your memories and family and the pain you feel and joy you feel every day. So still think its real?

You know, I've actually wondered this a few times. I've found out that it "hopefully" isn't a dream because everything clicks in place, makes sense, everything leads on to something else. In regular dreams, nothing makes sense, you don't progress, and it feels like only 15 minutes. But who knows, maybe this could be a very very long and advanced dream. Maybe you wake up in Heaven after your dream.
Take the red pill dude!
Did you see that movie with the cartoons where Cobain appears for a Little while??

I don't know maybe it is and when we die we wake up,but none can tell nothing for sure
this is the classic "i think therefore I am" statement. There is no way to prove that the people around you are thinking too.
I think, therefore I am - As simple as that.

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