Does reading raise your IQ?

It may not raise your IQ, but it does increase your understanding of the world. This would likely make a person wiser, thus making it appear as if his IQ has increased.
i think so
Depending on what books you read. If you read literature books and math books yes because you are actually gaining intelligence. But regular books, no. But don't stop reading, its a great hobby!
Sure, it improves your vocabulary. With all kidding aside, reading is very good, it not only improves your IQ, it also improves your vocabulary, way of speak and overall intelligence. Hope this helps and keep reading, if anything it takes your mind on a great ride.
even in a small part i think it does, reading helps increase your vocubulary, it can introduce you to critical thinking (something most people really dont get), reading about a variety of things can help you with situations on an IQ test, it helps keep you focused...all of these things while small could help raise your IQ a bit, you aren't going to go from vegetable to genius but you could gain a couple points
the IQ fallacy. an obsession with the appearance of intelligence. thinking that the higher the number the better person you are... it's foolish actually.. what reading does do is expose you to a greater life experience than we can experience in our own life. also it's a great work out for the imagination.. it's a great activity... What you take with you from the experience decides if it makes you well rounded or just a pass time... Everyone is different.
Sure it can, unless your reading Dr. Seuss but even then, that could still open your mind. There are many ways in which a person can raise their IQ depending on their own personal thought process. Some may find that art expands the mind as the aesthetic process is liberating and thought-provoking, others may find that solving a mathematical equation is enlightening.
Intelligence may be primarily innate, but as measured on intelligence tests, takes other things, which are considered the "fruits" of intelligence into consideration, such as vocabulary and "fund of knowledge" (how much you know - how diverse is your knoweldge). In life, this is also true. Your actual intellectual capacity may be mainly genetic but by using what you have, you will be functionally more intelligent. Command of language (ability to express yourself); vocabulary; fund of knowledge; are everyday indicators in our society of an intelligent person. Reading will increase your vocabulary; fund of knowledge; understanding; mastery of language; comprehension; retention; and interpretation.

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