"i hate myself,i hate my life, i am unlovable,never will find happiness and i will die poor, miserable, cold

i think he has wounded and scared my soul

let me guess someone broke up with u ok get a grip life will move on and forget about this dont let something so small ruin ur whole life God have some diginity.
Love is a *****, and life is a harsh mistress that bites with all variety of teeth.
well I know some people like this and when they have finally started reveling in their hatred of self and life, they finally started enjoying it. you know, grumpy old men....look for something not so awful and go from there if you don't like the grumpy approach....change
Wallow in your misery for about two weeks. After two weeks you will be bored with the misery. Then put it all behind you and start fresh.
Check out Yahoo 'Personals'.
don't kill yourself, there are other fishes in the sea
Welcome to Reality-ville. Population: you.

Trust me, this won't be the last time you feel this desolate and sad. The good news is, it passes. We've all been there (some more than others) and it's a very common feeling to have. Sometimes it takes something huge to get over this seemingly hopeless attitude, like falling in love or winning the lottery. Sometimes, though, something as simple as watching a familiar episode of Seinfeld helps one feel good again. If you aren't experiencing an episode of true clinical depression, then the rainbow awaits you (just don't put a time limit on it arriving). If these feelings persist on a constant basis for weeks at a time or you feel like hurting yourself or others, then a visit to a mental health counselor might be in order. Find something little for now to take the edge off and work your way up. Look for happiness in a new job or a volunteer position (like in a hospital or animal shelter). Write your feelings down, talk to friends and family. Most importantly, be selfish and do something YOU like. If the sadness and hopelessness persist, talk to a professional before it gets any worse.

Good luck!
..do you mean "scarred"?

Just keep swimming.

Roll with it.

You will get over it, eventually. If the intense pain doesn't improve within a few months, maybe you should go see someone.

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