hey everyone im often called a prep which for a while i thought was a good thing i guess! im 13 and i would like to know...
1. is this a good thing
2. what makes me this
3. is being a prep something girls do nt look for in a boyfriend
id like to add i wear aeropostale and american eagle clothes
i was voted sweetest guy in school, most athletic and i am very smart do these things make me a prep?? thx for ur help everyone, also i used to be labeled a punk wen i was younger is this better than being a prep? i really dont like the attitude some people have given in other questions saying that preps are condesending wen there not they just dress a certian way and they just act a certain way which is not condesending:( also i like to joke around a lot and im not perfect ive gotten in trouble lol

Prep is probably not what you would want to be at 13, but when you are 23 the girls will like it.
They probably call you prep because you are sweet, but that is good.
Some girls like prep, some like other things.
Everyone has different likes, that's why you should just be yourself.
I think a prep would be better than a punk.
You sound like a really great kid and I don't think you should change just to fit a profile, just be yourself.
Kids your age like to tease each other for no reason. They will get over it.
I guess it is a good thing. Usually Prep = Preppy is given to you by the way you dress. For me Prep would be a sophisticated look. Like for exmple schools with uniforms .. the ones that make guys wear ties.

The reason they call you that for what you were voted for.. is because i think they're referring to your popularity .. that's what it sounds like.
Just be yourself! If you are comfortable wearing American Eagle, then do it. Don't be a follower; be a leader; be yourself. You will gain more respect from your peers and you will be much happier. Good luck!
i think it means like it has come to be an label for those who conform to typical teenage behavior, in areas like clothing, school behavior, and sports participation, because preps usually are more ambitious and/or image-conscious than others.
Popular belief is that preps hate nerds/goths/punks/etc, however, generally, preps pay little attention to other "types," and those who hate preps with the most passion are those who were once preps and have recently gone away from their previous behavior, and often people who are posers intent on protecting their alternative-ness.
Prep has become to be nearly synonymous with conformist, to the point where most preps have been in denial of their typecast, and it is seen as an insult in the eyes of many.

there just jealouse dont worry.

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