How do you approach a slow learner matured person who cannot follow instructions.?

Even though you repeat the instruction 10 times it does not register in her brain. she is 40 years old.

working with such people takes and extremely patient person.
Take a deep breath and remember why you are helping each time you feel frustrated.
When she finally follows the instruction, congratulate nd encourgage her.
Trust me, you'll feel good that you were able to help even if it may be a simple task for you, it's a big one for her.
just do what you can and understand that she's slow .
Maybe explain it further or write it down. Have them repeate the instructions to see if they comprehend it.
Muscle memory. Walk her through it 40-45 times and eventually she will no longer have to think about it.
Sometimes it is easier to remember things when they are shown visually.
persevere with her an dhave patients x she prob likes reasurance too x
What is a 'slow-learner matured person'? I hate P.C.-speak. It is not English. Is this an older person with a learning disability? Is he poor at following instructions? What is it?
Everyone learns differently.

Maybe she needs to read it herself instead of hearing it. Or 'do' it herself...depending on what kind of instruction this is, just try to interact or present it in different ways!

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