Is there more to life after you die?

Hi ev1 I am having such a crisis in faith recently,actually for many years
I am petrified of dying or the thought of it happening to my child or loved ones and when I say petrified I mean obsessive..i freak when someone isn't home at specified time.You would not believe the things i imagine...really.When they are finally here i'm thankful but I don't let them know my thoughts because I don't want to project my thoughts on to them.I don't know if it's because I seen somethings as a child that i feel that way but it even follows me to bed.Whoa you should see the things that come to life there and then i freak out some more until I take something to help me sleep.Please believe me when I say i'm not crazy I would just like to hear some helpful stories about their beliefs and maybe stories about afterlife experiences.It would be nice to go to bed and not let these fears consume me anymore,I know that I am being very irrational but these fears are here.Please only serious replies.Thank You

what comes after this life is all based on faith. for example: if i were to stand infront of you and tell you i have a marble in my hand, but i my hand is closed, you can either choose to believe it or not to believe it. if you choose to believe there is nothing there, than in your mind you are convinced it is empty, and nothing will change your mind. if you believe there is a marble in there, you might start telling people, and they too will believe there is a marble there. and faith would have created that marble, and kept it there.

this is what the faith of religion is. people in the world have various faiths, and what i can tell you from what i know and what i have heard... there is an after life. and i have faith in that. there are also a large number of people who have made testimonials of being in a near death experience, and telling their story of seeing heaven. and this isn't just one person, its several hundereds of people that have had stories of this. the thing is that all these stories are similar in some way or another, making it hard for them to be made up.

from the reading i have done on after life theology, there is 5 places: heaven, purgatory, earth, limbo, and hell. in that order from top to bottom. heaven is where a person is releaved of all pain, sorrow, or any bad things. this is the best place ever, and the happiness is beyond words when you finally meet up with the Lord Jesus Christ. purgatory is not really a bad thing, its like a cleansing state. imagine you committed a crime, purgatory is the prison, and you are sentenced there until your soul is pure, and then you go on to heaven. earth is where we live in right now, our actions determine where we go once we die. as long as you lead a good life, even if you follow another religion, you can still go to purgatory, then heaven. God says there is only one unforgivable sin, and that is speaking against the holy spirit. basically this is if you say God is evil, or if you worship Satan. God forgives sins, and welcomes anyone who repents or did not know waht they did (for example if a 1 year old boy gets a hold of a gun, and shoots someone, God would not consider it a sin). there are many other details for how to live a life, and how it may be judged, but in general: have God in your heart, and even if you mess up from time to time, be a good person. limbo is neither good nor bad. God is not present in limbo, so it is not a good place. God is present in purgatory, and in earth, so they can be good places. but limbo is completley nuetral, no evil and no good. before Jesus died, all the people that died, went to limbo. some people think that ghosts that haunt the earth, may be from limbo. then comes hell, the worst place ever. there are certain levels of hell, but they all involve pain. every minute you are in hell, you make your self further from God. right now hell is open, that is why there are evil people in the world. evil people are souls with the devil. but once the apocolypse comes, the gates of hell will be closed forever, and they will all stay in there to eternally burn.

if you worry about the people you love dying, then lead them the right way right now that they are living. teach them to be good people, love thy neighbor. i'm catholic, and most priests would tell you they need to be catholic to go to heaven. from what i have read, even if there is a muslim that leads a good life, he too will go to heaven. one time an expert on this subject told me that the average person usually does go to purgatory. unless you were a complete saint that will go straight to heaven, purgatory might be a few dozen or hundred years. the good thing about purgatory is that you know there is hope when it is all over, and hapiness will be eternal... think about that word, eternal. eternal means forever, it will never stop, there will always be a tomorrow. and that is what God offers us, eternal life with him.

so yes there is a life after you die, but what it will be is determined by how you live right now. remember, "you can't die with diginity, you can only live with it".
Everyone on Earth is going to die. It's the one thing we all have in common and we all do. There is no way to avoid it at all. It is the one fundamental truth. The important thing is to cherish the people we love while we're here. As for the afterlife... One time after my Grandpa died I was standing on my front porch looking over the plains. There wasn't a cloud in the sky. I started thinking 'God, if you're really there then prove it!' The moment I finished thinking that, a bolt of lightning shot across my front yard not more that 30 yards from me. The thunder almost blew out the windows in my house, and I was blind for over an hour. After that I didn't doubt.
I used to get that way sometimes. I mean, freaking out when I was away from the people I love, like my kids or my parents, or my husband, or really just anyone that I care about. I could imagine the WORST possible scenerio and truly believe that it was real, and my heart would race and I'd just be in a panic! Then, the second they came home, or called, I would just talk to them like nothing was wrong and I'd chill out.
Zoloft was the answer for me. You wouldn't even believe how much it helped!
Good Luck!
What i would do, is contact a local minister of your faith. they may be able to help you.
it's like asking is there more to life than liveing? Life and death are two things that exsist beside eachother like night and day (day being life and night being death) in the day every thing is up beat and alive, you know, birds, cats, dogs, kids playing and what not (like life, some thing is all ways moveing). Night how ever is different, nothing moves all that much and it's dark and scary becaus you can't see beyond it (like death) but there is lif in the night: owls, rabbits, bats, and other things. death is like life ,like the other side of the mirror, it's not scary, but i don't think you sould go rushing into it or any thing you know. i hope this helps ease your troubled mind
I have alway believed in life after death but also had some doughts.This many sound crazy too but one night I got up to use the bathroom ,still very sleepy i sat on my bed and turned to get straight to lay down and it felt like some one pushed me in the for head ,to fall back on my pillow,when I did I popped out of my body and was floating in the air,I panicked and grabbed the white cord that connected me to the body and pulled myself back into it.I sat up in fear and confusion and it happened again,only this time I wasn't so frightened and looked around the room and at my self.I was white in color /full conscienceness/fully formed,it was really a neet experience,then I pulled myself back into the body.I remember thinking to myself ,why did I choose such a mess of a body to be in this time.I could hear someone say do you believe it now.YES I DO! But I still worry about my kids,But remind my self that they have guardians too who love and protect them,even knowing this i still ask mine to go and protect them too.I also say where ever these thoughts are coming from stop it right now!Send good energy to them and they will be fine.
Sure you are not crazy.

Let me say first that my mum passed away 6 months ago at the age of 65 which is way too early if you ask me.
I do not have any afterlife experience to report. But the best thing that happened to me was to be able to be very aware of the time I was spending with her during her last month, after we had found out she was ill. I have mental and emotional videos of those last days with her. That's it.

The only way you can get rid of your fear is to live the moment fully. Do your best to enjoy every second of your life and every second of the time you have here with your loved ones.
There is one thing that is certain in life: that we will die physically. The only question is when. After physical death there is all the life you decide there is. In a way, my mother still lives in me. She is there in a different way, and yet, yes, I miss her immensely sometimes. I am not a religious person but I believe I will "meet" my mother again, or she simply is not gone. But that is just me and that suits me.

So my questions to you are: what prevents you from living the present? What difference will it make to you whether there is or there no life after physical death?
yes, there is more to life after one dies. there is more bliss. there is more calm. there is more meaning. there is more true longevity for you and your loved ones, children, relatives, close friends, etc. yes, there is God in the picture and Jesus and the Holy Spirit, but they're not like a stigma or a fear. to first believe that there is reason to enjoy life while we can, makes it a whole lot easier to believe in those three because we know a God, the God, the only God created life. the Holy Sprit sustains life by what He gives us when we want it: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, etc. Jesus sacrificed His life so that we can continue with ours with the three of them after we die and must die an earthly life, which we know is not much of a life. Jesus of course is the example of what we humans can never attain, perfectionism. but why should we? when we die, we'll either be perfectly at rest or perfectly in misery and it will be because of the choices we make, not what anyone else makes for us. the after life is not about dealing with our present mistakes, it's about realizing that our past mistakes (once in the afterlife) are not our fault. adam and eve commited the first sin and actually the serpent did. in the afterlife we won't have to complain about being blamed for anything because nothing will be our fault in the afterlife. we will do no wrong. the afterlife is for those who attempt to live in harmony and peace now. to be able to do that is by accepting this gift, this promise, this vow that if all we have to do is believe in God, His Son and their helper, the Holy Spirit, then life after we die will continue forever. believing that and knowing it, sure by faith, but even higher than faith, trust, like a marriage, a good marriage, a great marriage, can cause one to pack your bags and say, "Take me now". but, we need to stay. we need to invite others, like family, friends, children, fellow workers, strangers, to the after life. a better word is after party. in high school, we couldn't wait for the after party after the big game, cause that's where we got to meet up with friends and dance, party, socialize, etc. it's the same with afterlife. sure, most religious sects call it "heaven", but the three previously mentioned would rather call it "home". all this is made in part due to choice. if we choose to believe and trust and enjoy it, then those "treasures we store up" are our friends and family, by passing on the invitation to them where hopefully they'll meet up with us too. a big reunion, a family reunion. the treasure is not about gold or silver, nothing superficial like those. our children, that's the treasure. holding a baby, a newborn, that moment is the treasure. we are to store up those memories as often as we can, so that we remember to invite those who fill our memory banks, not money banks. but it's about choice. do we choose to memorize the good things now, so we can remember them in the after life or do we choose to fear what could or couldn't happen after life? kicking fear out the door is better than holding on to it. fear causes us to believe that no one has any choice, any say in the matter of where do we go after we die. fear doesn't even care. but truth, trust, faith, love, joy, peace, and more, those keep coming back and saying "there's a whole lot more where we come from"!! i like the sound of that. i like the feeling of that. i like the confidence in that.

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