Am I being overconfident and too safe?

I am good at what I do and people has been saying too.mostly same routine everyday. And always think that what's the worse thing that could happen that I can't handle.
Is there a sign that I will know before I go overboard and gone too far...

I think being confident in yourself and your ability to handle things is great. You also sound like you know that there is a limit to it so you have a good head on your shoulders. Just enjoy your success and know that there will come a time when something happens that you may not be able to handle and that's alright. You are human. When that time comes handle yourself professionally and with dignity and don't be afraid to ask for help and admit that you can't do it alone. It happens to all of us. Good luck.
you confused me...sorry..I dont understand your question...
Such an amazing way to feel if I understand many wander around always too worried to get on with life because they are always concerned with what could happen ...most cases nothing one can't handle comes along and these people spend their life worrying about cautious of course but never enact the worst possible scenario in your mind because you will forget how to live live to the extreme.
I'm also confused by your question and trust me that's a rare occurrence. .Confidence in ones ability is justified as long as results justify your confidence ...In my case I'm very confident and my results prove that without a doubt.
I'm not just confident ..I'm convinced...
(humble too )
Well, do not be too overconfident or diffident. It's not safe at all. If you're too overconfident, you won't be able to withstand or accept your defeat. You'll be a heart-broken kid. If you're diffident, you'll hesitate or will be thinking a lot before stepping into anything. By that you'll never ever come up.So the best thing is to be moderate or confident because I will guarantee that this manner will teach you how to overcome obstacles and be successful in your life. Remember this one "There's always someone better and greater than you".

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