What does my dream mean?

I dreamt about a girl that I used to like couple of years ago. First I dreamt I was gonna crush her with my car then I found out she moved out to my neighborhood and I went to her place. In my dreams we kissed (only) and it was very sweet. This dream woke up a part of me that died a long time ago. I never dated this girl. I wanted to but for some reasons it did not work out. I know it seems silly but it was a very enjoyable dream especially now when I am going thru a lot of problems. Anyone of thoses dream experts outthere can tell me what this dream means? Thanks in Advance

I think that yo may just be lamenting your lost opportunity to get closer to this individual.

During your waking hours, you can rationalize away your reluctance to get closer to her, but, in your dream state, the true feelings seem to be coming out.

However, I suggest that you don't dwell so much on this past event. It's now just one of a myriad of life experiences that have taught you valuable lessons.

Next time, you may be quicker to jump at an opportunity when it presents itself.

So, you learned a valuable lesson. Accept that and move on.

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